What should I say when wearing sex underwear

What should I say when wearing sex underwear

The sexy underwear makes people feel sexy, charming and attractive. Many couples are keen on wearing sexy underwear to increase interest, but some people may be difficult. What should we wear in erotic underwear?The following is my suggestion.

1. Express praise

When your partner put on new sexy underwear, the best way is to praise their appearance, which will make them feel more confident and comfortable.You can try to say, "You look great!" Or "You are more sexy!" Wait.

2. Express expectation

When wearing a sexy underwear, the intimacy of the partner is even more exciting, so you can express some anticipated words, such as "I can’t wait to be close to you!" Or "Your sexy underwear really makes me very excited!"etc.This kind of discourse can enhance the atmosphere of sex.

3. Express appreciation

The sexy underwear is exquisite and charming and charming, so when your partner is wearing a sexy underwear, you can speak some appreciation words, such as: "This erotic underwear is really suitable for you!" Or "You wear this oneSexy underwear, even more charming and touching! "And so on.

4. Express desire

Wearing a sexy underwear is to increase interest and sexual interest, so when you feel that you have some "ideas" for your partner, you may wish to say it directly, for example, "You really make me really want you!" And so onSimilar words.

5. Express feel

Interest underwear will not only make people look more sexy, but also make people feel more.Therefore, when your partner is wearing a sexy underwear, you can say your own feelings, such as: "Your skin feels so soft!" Or "The taste of your body emitted is really unforgettable!"

6. Express love

The wearing of sexy underwear is a way to increase interest. In turn, you can also express your love for your partner.When you feel that you really love your partner, you can say it, for example: "I really love you, every inch of your body is worth cherishing!" And so on.

7. Express in body language

Words are a way of expression, but body language is equally important.When you see your partner put on sexy underwear, you can express your feelings in body language.For example, touching, kissing, hug, etc. are all good ways.

8. Keep silent

Sometimes silence is the best answer. The dressing underwear is very excited and passionate. When you are silent, you will make the other party look forward to it.Therefore, it is also a good way to keep silent when a partner wears sexy underwear.

Conclusion: When wearing sexy underwear, speech, body language, and silence can all become ways to express.When you like your partner wearing sexy underwear very much, remember to say it, let your partner feel your charm and sexy.

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