What should I do if I can’t get rid of sexy underwear

Selection of sex underwear

It is important to choose the right sexy underwear.When buying, you should choose the size according to your body’s qualifications to avoid the problem of falling off caused by inappropriate sizes.At the same time, you should choose a well -quality brand to ensure that the material and production process of sexy underwear meet the standards.

Correct way of wear

Different types of erotic underwear have different ways to wear, and need to be properly worn in accordance with the instructions or advice of professionals.If the sexy underwear has a adjustment belt or buttons, to ensure that reasonable and tightness should be made, and it is too tight or too loose.

take more exercise

If there is often a situation of sexy underwear falling off, it is recommended to strengthen exercise and exercise muscles, waist and other muscles, and improve your body’s firmness.Carrying out some yoga, Prate and other exercises, it is also very helpful for physical exercise.

Use latex sticker

Llacket stickers are a good item that solves sexy underwear.When use, you only need to seal the chest, hips, or other parts that need to be enhanced to effectively avoid the occurrence of the problem of falling off.

Change underwear style

If the problem of falling off continues, consider changing the underwear style.Different styles have different materials and craftsmanship. Choosing a style suitable for your body characteristics can be largely avoided.

Adjust the wear time

Interest underwear is not suitable for long -term wear. If you wear it for a long time, it is easy to fall off. It is recommended to adjust the wear time appropriately.

Add chest pads or filling

For women with smaller breasts, milk pads are often loose or lasa falling off.At this time, you can consider increasing the chest pad or filling, which plays a role in filling the gap and reducing the problem of falling off.

Combined with other items

If the above method still cannot solve the problem of falling off, it can be used in conjunction with other items.For example, combined with belts, tight pants, etc., increase the tightening of the body and reduce the problem of falling off.

Avoid instantaneous changes

In the process of wearing sexy underwear, avoid instantaneous changes.For example, in the case of bending down and quickly twisting the body, it is easy to cause the problem of falling off the sex underwear.Therefore, we must pay special attention to avoid too severe physical activity when wearing sexy underwear.


In short, to solve the problem of erotic underwear falling off, you need to start from multiple aspects.Select sexy underwear correctly, correctly wear, strengthen exercise, use latex stickers, change underwear styles, adjust wearing time, increase chest pads or filling, combined with other items and avoid instantaneous changes. These methods can effectively solve the problem of sexy underwear falling off., Make you more confidently in sexy underwear.

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