What should I do after wearing a sexy underwear

What should I do after wearing a sexy underwear

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is becoming more and more common in modern women’s wardrobes.When you decide to wear sexy underwear, you may encounter some problems, such as how to choose to wear, how to maintain and clean it.Below, we will provide you with some practical suggestions:

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

First, you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.There are many types of sexy underwear to choose from, including bellybands, bras, jumpsuits, suspenders, leggings, and so on.You should choose the appropriate style according to your preferences and figure, and also take into account comfort and practicality.

2. Follow the size

It is important to understand your own size when choosing a sexy underwear.Different brands and styles may have different size standards, so you need to tailor it.If you are not sure of your size, please consult a consultant or brand official website.

3. Preparation before dressing

Before wearing sexy underwear, you need to do some preparations.First, you need to wear it after completing basic care (including shower, perfume, etc.) to ensure that your body is clean and tidy.Secondly, you need to wear it in a comfortable environment, such as your bedroom.

4. Keep clean and hygienic

Wearing sex lingerie also needs to be kept clean and hygienic.It is recommended that you clean it in accordance with the instructions on the label.Try not to put the erotic underwear into the dry washing machine or dryer to avoid damaging the fabric and shape.In addition, avoid using bleach and strong alkaline detergent to avoid damage to clothes.

5. Keep the shape and texture

If you want to keep the shape and texture of sexy underwear, it is recommended to use soft washing solution during cleaning and gently wash the sexy underwear.In addition, hanging sexy underwear on the drying rack is naturally dry to prevent deformation and kicking.

6. Proper storage

When you don’t need to wear sexy underwear, you should store it properly in a clean place.Bags or independent storage boxes should be used to avoid distortions or damage during storage.

7. Don’t wear it frequently

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy clothing, which is not suitable for frequent wear.When wearing, it is required to be in a state of tension, and excessive compression can cause health problems such as poor blood circulation. Therefore, you should minimize the time of wearing, and it is not recommended to wear during sleep.

8. Pay attention to personal hygiene

When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to your personal hygiene.It is recommended to pay attention to cleaning when wearing, and try to avoid wearing in shooting or public places.

Viewpoint: Wearing sexy underwear should not only pay attention to choice and quality, but also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.Wearing erotic underwear is just a way to show your sexy way. Do not pursue excessiveness to avoid affecting your physical health.

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