What sexy underwear wears low

1 Introduction

Every girl wants to wear a good -looking effect, but if she is short, how can I choose a suitable sexy underwear?Let ’s take a look at how the young girls should choose sex underwear!

2. Do not choose the sexy underwear that is excessively exposed

For girls with too high -skinned sexy underwear, they may be more short of shortcomings for girls.Therefore, it is recommended to choose some sexy underwear with hollow design to replace the over -explicit style.

3. Choose comfortable sexy underwear

Girls with short figures generally have some shortcomings, such as short legs.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, try to choose a not tight, comfortable style, which will make the whole person look more relaxed and more comfortable.

4. Choose a dark sexy underwear

Dark -colored erotic underwear can make the figure look well -proportioned because of the thin effect of color.However, light -colored sexy underwear is generally more transparent. Once it is not selected, it is easy to expose the defects of the body.

5. Choose a sexy underwear with highlights in the upper part

The upper body with highlights of sexy underwear can disperse attention, and at the same time, it can also increase the consciousness of the upper body.For example, choose sexy underwear with decorative design with pearls, lace, tassels, etc.

6. Long lines of sexy underwear are more suitable

In the choice of style, it is recommended to choose some slim styles or design styles with long lines. This kind of sexy underwear can lengthen the figure and make the short girl look taller.

7. Choose a fitted underwear

A fit of sexy underwear is often more like a tall figure than wearing unfacked sexy underwear.Small girls should choose sexy underwear that can be close to the body and wear more fit.

8. Select the erotic underwear of streamlined design

A streamlined design sexy underwear can smoothly extend your body, making you look more slender.One or two such sexy underwear can add a lot to your entire wardrobe.

9. Avoid fancy sexy underwear

For girls with a low figure, fancy erotic underwear may appear too complicated, and it is also easy to make people blind.Therefore, it is recommended to choose some simple and generous, good texture of sexy underwear.

10. Compared to try on, choose the sexy underwear that suits you best

Finally, try a few more models when choosing sexy underwear and find the one that suits you best.You can match different styles or other clothing in the closet to create different matching styles.


For girls with short figures, there must be a basic principle to choose a suitable sex underwear: make your body look more slender and taller.Select one or two comfortable and fit sexy underwear, you can create a different sexy style for you.

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