What kind of sexy underwear wears Bao Ma

What kind of sexy underwear wears Bao Ma

As a treasure mother, many people think that sexy underwear is not suitable for themselves.In fact, sexy underwear is not just for sexy or tempting each other. Choosing the right sexy underwear can not only add self -confidence, but also highlight your curve beauty.So, what aspects should be paid attention to when Bao moms choose sexy underwear?

1. Wear comfort

Putting comfort is the primary factor in choosing sexy underwear.Bao mothers already need to deal with children’s needs and family affairs daily. Wearing uncomfortable sexy underwear will make themselves unwell and affect their mood.Therefore, it is important to choose a comfortable and soft material.Consider choosing natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk, these materials are breathable and soft.

2. Style selection

When Baoma wants to choose sexy underwear, style is also a key factor.It is recommended to choose a more conservative and concise style, which can highlight the mature charm of Baoma, such as V-neck Style’s underwear or T-Shirt Style-type sexy underwear.In addition, you can choose special styles such as wide shoulder straps or reading glasses.

3. Consider big bust

After giving birth to children, the size of the chest may change, and pay more attention to the choice of underwear.It is very important to choose a underwear cup and bust that suits you.The underwear cup should be large enough, comfortable, and the cup should not be strangled to the skin.The width and thickness of the chest strap should be appropriate, with sufficient support to avoid additional pressure on the chest.

4. Ventilation

When wearing sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to comfort and styles, Baoma also needs to pay attention to ventilation.The style and fabric of sexy underwear should be breathable, avoid sweating or overheating.Poor permeability of underwear may cause personal hygiene problems such as private parts.

5. Color style

Interest underwear is not only a functional underwear, but also a fashion accessory, especially at intimate moments and special occasions.Therefore, in the choice of color and style, you can choose the color and printing that suits you, as well as a personal style of sexy underwear.In terms of style, you can choose special elements such as lace, border, and embroidery and flower patterns.

6. functionality

When choosing a sexy underwear, Baoma also needs to consider functionality.For example, you need to pay attention to whether you can support the chest or modify the abdomen to maintain your ideal curve beauty.Some sexy underwear also has special designs, such as the straps at the collarbone, which can make you more sexy and charming.

7. Favorite brand

The choice of brand is also a factor that Baoma needs to consider.Some brands specifically produce sexy underwear and underwear accessories. Choosing well -known brands can better ensure quality and comfort.

8. Personality

Moms can choose sexy underwear in their own personality and mood, without having to be bound by social labels.Personal sexy underwear will be more in line with their own style and interest, making themselves more confident and relaxed in intimate moments and special occasions.

in conclusion

In summary, when choosing sexy underwear, Baoma should consider priority and functionality, and then select styles and colors according to their own style and preferences.Suitable erotic underwear allows Baoma to find a balance between sexy and confident.

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