What kind of sexy underwear do Sagittarius men like

What kind of sexy underwear do Sagittarius men like


With the popularity of sexy underwear in modern society, more and more men have begun to like this underwear.And as a representative of cheerful, free and optimistic, what kind of sexy underwear do they wear?This article will explore the sexy underwear type suitable for Sagittarius men in detail.


Sagittarius men’s favorite underwear styles are usually perspective styles.This style of underwear can show the body curve of women. Sagittarius men will feel that this underwear is very tempting and sexy.There are many types of underwear in the perspective style, including ordinary perspective, mesh, hollow, etc., which can satisfy the shooter men’s desire for visual.

Sexy stockings

For Sagittarius men, sexy stockings are also an important element.Stockings can modify women’s leg curves, and Sagittarius men can feel infinite charm from it.In addition, stockings can also create a noble, elegant temperament, which is in line with the expectations of Sagittarius men to women.


Sagittarius men’s favorite sexy underwear also includes lace lace.This material that is easy to evoke male imagination has fascinated the Sagittarius man.The exquisite and delicate lace allows the Sagittarius men to feel the delicateness and tenderness of women.Therefore, lace lace is a sexual underwear element that Sagittarius men will like to like.

simple design

Although Sagittarius man likes temptation and sexy, they also pay attention to internal quality.Therefore, some simple and generous designs can also attract their attention.For example, some nude, black and white gray color underwear, while revealing the female body curve, it looks very dignified, allowing the Sagittarius men to feel the elegance and restraint of women.


The kimono style is also a sexy underwear style that Sagittarius men like.This style of underwear originated from the traditional clothing of Japan. For Sagittarius men, it has exotic atmosphere and is extremely sexy and attractive.In addition, the kimono -style underwear is also very suitable for some women with less good breasts, which can properly cover the chest defects and attract the attention of shooter men.


The tube top sexy underwear is also one of the elements that Sagittarius loves.This underwear can well highlight the body curve of women, and the chest design is very reasonable, which can satisfy the shooter’s appreciation of the beauty of the chest.Although the tube top underwear is sexy, it is more artistic and temperamental than other sexy underwear styles.

Noble lace

For Sagittarius men, lace full of noble sense is also one of the indispensable elements.Noble lace can not only highlight the female curve, but also better express the temperament and taste of women.For example, some black lace underwear, even if it is not very sexy, can make the shooter men feel the mysteriousness hidden deep in her heart, which is very attractive.

Shoulder strap design

The shoulder strap design also has a great impact on the overall style of sexy underwear.For Sagittarius men, some innovative and individual shoulder straps are very attractive.For example, off -the -shoulder underwear can highlight women’s clavicle lines, and small designs in some details can also reflect the chic and small details of women.

Hip design

For Sagittarius men, the hip design of underwear is also important.The design of the hip hips can better highlight the hip curve of women, and this is also a place that many men love.In addition, hip -type underwear often looks more sexy and relaxed, which is in line with the aesthetics of Sagittarius men.


To sum up, the sexy lingerie styles that Sagittarius usually likes to see perspective, sexy stockings, lace lace, simple design, kimono style, tube top style, noble lace, shoulder strap design, and hip design.Although everyone’s aesthetics are different, these sexy underwear elements will meet the aesthetic needs of most shooters.Women can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their actual situation, bringing more surprises and stimuli to your other half.

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