What kind of psychology of her husband has bought sexy underwear

What kind of psychology of her husband has bought sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the market, and more and more people have begun to use sexy underwear to increase life interest.Especially men may cause women’s doubts when buying sexy underwear.What kind of psychological needs are hidden behind this?This article tries to explore from the perspective of psychology.

1. Satisfy the desire of the opposite sex outfit

Men like to watch women wear various clothing, which is why many men cannot resist ‘uniform temptation’.Similarly, as heterosexual men, there are certain desires to play women.Buying sexy underwear allows men to meet this psychological needs to a certain extent.

2. Find changes and stimuli

People’s desire for new things is natural, especially in terms of sex.In his book "French Market", Roland Balt once vividly described the relationship between the market and sex: the market is like sex, and it often attracts people to find changes and stimuli.For men who feel monotonous in sex, sexy underwear can play a stimulating role, and also satisfy their desire to try to try new things.

3. Express the desire to control and dominate

Men are born with desire to dominate, especially in terms of sex.They want to control the overall situation in bed and satisfy the desire to dominate.In this process, the selection and use of sexy underwear can allow men to experience more sense of dominance, and at the same time make them feel more confident and satisfied.

4. Disting sexual anxiety and stress

Sexual anxiety and stress are obstacles encountered by many men in sex.The former refers to the fear and anxiety of sex, and the latter affects sexual life due to excessive work or living pressure.The use of sexy underwear can make men more relaxed and confident, thereby reducing some sexual anxiety and stress.

5. Show a private and gentle side

In traditional society, men are usually required to show a strong and powerful side.However, in terms of emotion and sex, men also have the desire to show their privacy and tenderness.Buying and using sexy underwear can make men show a softer and more private side that is different from normal.

6. Meet the needs of natural nature

People are born with sexual desire, and sexual expression and pursuit are a natural process.The use of sexy underwear can help men to better express and pursue sexual needs, and also make them more free and confidently display themselves.

7. Increase sexual life fun

In marriage and long -term love, sexual life may become monotonous.At this time, sexy underwear can be used as a choice to add fun, increasing interest.

8. Make up for physical defects

In modern society, the body is regarded as one of the important criteria for a person’s sexual attraction.However, not everyone can have a perfect figure.For those men who feel inferior, sexy underwear can make up for physical defects, increase self -confidence, and make them more comfortable in sex.

9. New experience of sexual life

Sexual life needs change and innovation, otherwise it will cause boredom and monotonous.Interest underwear can bring new sexual experiences and feelings, making sexual life more exciting and interesting.

Overall, buying and using sexy underwear is a manifestation of pursuing diversity and diversity in sexual life.When choosing sexy underwear, men need to consider and care about women’s feelings more. Do not use it as a tool to dominate and control themselves. Instead, they should see it as a way to enhance the quality of love and sex.

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