What is the use of sexy underwear rollers

What is the use of sexy underwear rollers


In sexy underwear on the market, rolling design often appears, especially in sexy vibration of underwear, sex vibration massage sticks, etc., but why should you use rolling beads instead of other designs in erotic underwear?So what’s the use of sexy underwear roller?This article will analyze this issue.

1. Stimulate sensitive areas

Rolling design can provide more accurate and targeted stimuli, and it is more effective when stimulating sensitive areas.

2. Enhance the excitement experience

Through irregular design on the surface of the ball, it can enhance the stimulus feeling of the human sensitive part.When using sexy underwear, this stimulus will cause a series of physiological reactions. Depending on the stimulus felt by the human body, some people will experience a stronger pleasure, which is easier to reach orgasm.

Third, increase changes and fun

The roller design in sexy underwear can provide more changes and fun.For example, rolling beads can rotate on the human body, and can also produce different stimulating feelings in high -speed vibration, thereby generating a richer sexual experience.

Fourth, improve the temperature experience

The material on the surface of the roller can affect the feeling when contacting the skin. For example, the metal roller is usually cold, while the ceramic roller is moderately warm and warm. The glass roller is smooth and comfortable.Such material characteristics can bring more temperature feelings, and you can feel more subtle changes when the two are close contact.

5. Enhance the texture of sexy underwear

Only love is not enough, and there is beauty.In the design of sexy underwear, the use of roller can increase texture and beauty to the product.For example, you can design silver rollers in dark fabrics, inlaid crystals or pearls such as crystal or pearls near the skin, thereby adding a sense of exquisiteness and elegance to the underwear.

6. The function of the additional controller

Some rolty beads will add controllers when designing, which can realize diversity in the process of sex through adjustment frequency, angle, rotation direction, etc.In practice, this design can bring more wonderful sex games to the couple, thereby strengthening the intimacy and communication of feelings.

Seven, concealment

Compared with other erotic underwear design, the roller design is more hidden and can be more naturally integrated into life.For example, when people go to the streets with erotic underwear or wear on various occasions, others often do not find sexy underwear in them, so as to avoid embarrassment and uncomfortable.

8. Applicable occasions

Because of the wide range of applicability of the roller design in sexy underwear, it can be used in various scenarios.For example, when you are in sexual gatherings, indoor love, and even when you are traveling in other places, you can carry ball -beads to sexy underwear and enjoy unique sex games.

Nine, save costs

Compared with other sexy underwear or sex products, Rolling beads sex underwear is often more economical and will not cause much burden on your economy.

10. Conclusion

All in all, the use of roller design in sexy underwear can bring you a more wonderful, rich and distinctive sex experience.Of course, when using rolty beads sex underwear, you need to pay attention to the correct use of methods and maintenance knowledge.May you get joy and pleasure when using sexy underwear.

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