What is the psychology of buying sexy underwear?


Interesting underwear refers to the fashion, sexy and diverse clothing decoration on the premise of maintaining basic functions. It not only maintains basic comfort, but also meets the psychological needs of people, which greatly enriches the life of modern people.In this context, some people have begun to buy sexy lingerie. What kind of psychological state is this?

Gender identity expression

Men will buy sexy underwear like women, thereby showing their degree of recognition of their own gender.Because wearing erotic underwear, no matter the gender of men and women, it can be greatly satisfied and pleasant, and this satisfaction and pleasure are the reflection of gender recognition.

Seeking excitement needs

When people pursue sexy underwear, they often show a need to be eager to accept stimuli.Because sexy underwear contains various strange or special elements, such as lace, mesh, and ropes, it often gives people unusual feelings after wearing sexy underwear, thereby meeting the needs of accepting stimuli.

Meeting the performance of bold demand

People who like to buy sexy underwear often show a bold mentality.This bold is not only reflected in personality, but also in aesthetic and dressing.In this era of continuous changes in values, some people will choose to wear boldly, on the one hand to show their fashion and personality, on the other hand, to meet more needs and expectations.

Requirements for observation experience

The diverse design of sexy underwear has attracted many people to continue to explore and try, thereby promoting the development of the market.Because no one can refuse the temptation of beauty, the presentation of sex underwear is not only functional, but more in terms of coverage, color and texture, so the purchase of sexy underwear has become a requirement for the perception experience.

The embodiment of sexy identity

When women buy sexy underwear, they often reflect their identity in their charm.Because sexy underwear is a sexy and attractive clothing, wearing sexy underwear can not only make yourself more confident and satisfied, but also attract more attention and praise, thereby better satisfying the sexy identity.need.

Focus on physical beauty

When people choose sexy underwear, they also consider the beauty of their bodies after wearing.Regardless of men and women, I hope that my figure can be more perfect when wearing sexy underwear, reduce the aesthetic problems seen by the naked eye, and make yourself more confident in public.

The sense of pleasure of private life

Women feel a sense of pleasure when using sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear has sexy and aesthetics, it also meets the needs of private life and improves the quality of private life.This sense of joy is often pursued by people who buy sexy underwear.

Requirements for social background

The design of sexy underwear has become more and more diversified, fashionable and personalized, and also pays more attention to social and group needs.Some erotic underwear design also adds team elements or group elements, and you can also get various experiences in social occasions.


There are many people who like to buy sexy underwear, and their psychological needs are different.But no matter what kind of psychological needs, when buying sexy underwear, the main solution is personal needs, the purpose is to satisfy yourself.When we can understand this psychological needs, we can better meet people’s desire for sexy underwear.

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