What is the name of white hollow sexy underwear

What is the name of white hollow sexy underwear

What is white hollow sexy underwear

The white hollow erotic underwear refers to the design of underwear. It uses lace, mesh, etc. to see some local designs. At the same time, white is also one of its main colors.The main purpose of this sexy underwear design is to make women more sexy and attractive.

Types of white hollow sexy underwear

There are many types of white hollowed sexy underwear, including but not limited to bras, underwear, sling, even body underwear, lace stockings, etc. Each sexy underwear has different characteristics and applicable occasions. You can choose to match according to individual needs.Among them, the more popular styles include hollowed bras, hollow stockings, hollow nightdress, etc.

White hollow sexy underwear style

White hollowed -out sexy lingerie styles are diverse, including lace, gauze, bow, buds, etc. These elements are complicated in the design, showing a unique aesthetic effect.The more classic styles include cutout bra on the chest, underwear on the abdominal hollow, conjoined underwear with a bow, a temptation bellyband, and so on.

The material of the white hollow erotic lingerie

The material of the white hollow sexy underwear uses very comfortable and soft cotton, yarn, specially manufactured elastic material, etc., which can not only protect women’s sensitive skin, but also bring dual visual and tactile enjoyment to women.

Who is suitable for wearing white hollow sexy underwear

White hollowed sexy underwear is usually designed for women who want to show their sexy. Such women are usually younger, slim and well -shape, and are more confident, bold, and dare to show themselves.Of course, if you want to change your own image, increase the charm of women, or meet your own fun needs, you can also choose to wear white hollow sexy underwear.

How to choose a white hollow sexy underwear

Choose a white hollow sexy underwear to pay attention to fabrics, styles, size, price, and brand factors according to your body and needs.For example, if you are a thick person, you can choose a more loose style; if it is a sensitive skin, you can choose a product that is more skin -friendly with fabric materials.

The maintenance of the white hollowing lingerie

The white hollow sexy underwear needs to be specially maintained, especially if it is cleaned, it needs to be carefully cleaned according to the fabric of the underwear.If it is made of cotton, you can use a mild detergent and wash it hand. To avoid direct sunlight when drying; if it is a rabbit hair or similar fabrics such as leather, it is recommended to use a professional dry cleaner for cleaning.

The price of white hollowing and fun underwear

The price of white hollow sex lingerie depends on the brand, fabric, craftsmanship and style.Some of the more popular brands in the market include Calvin Klein, La Perla, Victoria’s Secret, etc. The prices are generally around $ 100.

The matching of white hollowing lingerie

The white hollow erotic lingerie matching can be considered with perspective dress, small suspenders, bathrobes, chocolates, etc., which can create a sexy and beautiful feeling.At the same time, the colors can also be selected according to the specific conditions and atmosphere, such as black, red, champagne gold, etc. are a good choice.


The white hollow sexy underwear is a very popular female underwear that can show the charm and attractiveness of women. It is suitable for special occasions such as anniversary, Valentine’s Day or special festivals.Selecting and matching should be considered according to personal characteristics and needs. Similarly, maintenance and cleaning are also a very important part.

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