What is the name of sexy underwear in ancient times

What is the name of sexy underwear in ancient times

1. The historical origin of sexy underwear

The sexy underwear has a long history and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian period.At that time, women wore soft silk under the skirt. The main role of this underwear was to keep warm and concealed organs.

2. Materials of ancient sexy underwear

In ancient times, the materials of sexy underwear were mainly made of natural fibers and leather.Such as silk, mochi, cotton and gold and silver silk.At the same time, some rich and nobles will also use precious cashmere or silk for sexy underwear.

3. The style of ancient sexy underwear

In different periods and regions, the style of sexy underwear is also different.For example, during the Han Dynasty in China, women wore "Luo Skirts" and "Romans". This was a kind of close -fitting underwear made of silk and fine hemp, which was very breathable and comfortable.In the medieval European century, women wearing underwear similar to breasts and underwear. This underwear was mainly used to cover the body’s flaws and protrusions.

4. The function of ancient sexy underwear

In ancient times, sexy underwear mainly had the function of keeping warm and privacy protection.Because there were few privacy protection measures at the time, women needed underwear to protect their physical privacy.

5. Sexy underwear in the Qing Dynasty

During the Qing Dynasty, the style and texture of sexy underwear have undergone major changes.The "lace" that everyone often says is introduced from the West during the Qing Dynasty.Lei Bioshu, lace waist, etc. became very popular sexy lingerie styles at that time.

6. The development of European and American sexy underwear

In Europe and the United States, the development of erotic underwear is very rapid. From the 19th century, the breasts of the 19th century, the triangle pants to the 20th century sexual erotic lingerie, it has continued to evolve.Among them, France and Italy became the representative production place of European and American sexy underwear, which promoted the development and growth of sexy underwear.

7. Material of modern erotic underwear

In modern times, there are rich types of erotic underwear, mainly in silk, cashmere, silk, cotton and chemical fiber.The materials, production and color matching of various materials are very sophisticated, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern women.

8. The function of modern erotic underwear

Modern sex lingerie not only has traditional warmth and privacy, but also integrates fashion, sexy, personality, and interesting elements.They can enhance women’s self -confidence, express self -style and life attitude.

9. Create a perfect figure of sexy underwear

Another very important function of modern sex underwear is to create a perfect figure.For example, bra can make the chest rigid and full.At the same time, all kinds of restraint pants and belly bands can also shape the perfect waist, hip and leg shape.

10. Summary

Interest underwear has continued to evolve and develop with the changes of the times.From the simple personal underwear of ancient times to modern and complex, multifunctional and multifunctional sexy underwear, reviewing the long river of history, it is not difficult to find people’s common categories of physical comfort and beauty.

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