What is the name of a sexy underwear?


As a sexy underwear expert, we are very familiar with sexy underwear.Among them, a model of sexy underwear is very famous. Who is her name?Let’s take a look at it together.

The name of sexy underwear model

The name of this sexy underwear is called Adriana Lima.She is a Brazilian super model and has become Victoria’s secret "angel" many times.And her endorsement of sexy underwear has also brought a lot of exposure to the underwear brand.

Adriana Lima’s career

Adriana Lima has joined Victoria’s secrets in 2000 and has become one of the spokespersons of the brand.In addition, she has ended many international brands such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Versace.

Adriana Lima’s sexy underwear endorsement experience

As one of Victoria’s secret spokesperson, Adriana Lima has been a spokesperson for many years and has walked multiple fashion shows on behalf of the brand.In addition, she also endorsed many brands for international brands such as MARC Jacobs and Givenchy. Many brands have also endorsed in sexy underwear.

Adriana Lima’s sexy underwear endorsement style

Adriana Lima’s sexy underwear endorsement style is very sexy and good at showing women’s sexy and charm.She can always show her perfect figure curve in the catwalk show, and attracts the audience’s attention with her beautiful dance steps and charming eyes.

Impact on brand promotion

As an international supermodel, the endorsement of Adriana Lima has played a very positive role in the promotion of the brand.For sexy underwear brands, a spokesperson like Adriana Lima can allow brands to get more attention and exposure in the market, thereby increasing the brand’s popularity and reputation.

Adriana Lima’s social media influence

In addition to endorsement, Adriana Lima also has a very extensive influence on social media.She has nearly 12 million fans on Instagram. Each of the sexy lingerie photos released can attract the praise and comments from many netizens, which further enhances the brand’s exposure and popularity.

Adriana Lima’s attitude towards sexy underwear

In an interview with the media, Adriana Lima said that sexy underwear is one of the sources of women’s confidence, beauty and sexy. She believes that at some special moments, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday or special date, wearing a sexy sexy underwear canMake women more confident.

The meaning of brand spokesperson for sexy underwear

Having a well -known sexy underwear spokesperson is of great significance for the brand.On the one hand, this can bring more exposure and popularity to the brand, allowing more consumers to understand this brand; on the other hand, the influence of the spokesperson can increase the brand’s sense of grade and brand reputation in the minds of consumers.Then attract more consumers to choose to buy the sexy underwear of this brand.


Adriana Lima, as a well -known spokesperson for sexy underwear, shows us the sexy charm of sexy underwear and women’s confidence.The brand can bring more exposure and popularity to the brand through the influence of the spokesperson, thereby increasing the brand’s reputation and market share.

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