What is the authentication of sexy underwear exports

1 Introduction

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, more and more countries have begun to import sexy underwear.However, trade regulations of different countries are different, and various certification standards are different.Therefore, what authentication needs to be exported in erotic underwear has become a highly concerned question.

2. Basic certification

The most basic certification of export sex lingerie includes ISO certification and CE certification.ISO certification guarantees that the production process of sexy underwear meets international standards; CE certification means that products can be sold in Europe and meet the basic quality and safety standards of the EU.

3. Chemical certification

Many chemicals, such as dyes, waterproof agents, preservatives, etc. in sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to detect the composition and content of these chemicals and obtain certification.EU Reach Regulations and CPSIA regulations in the United States require that chemicals in sex underwear meet certain standards.

4. Fire safety certification

Interesting underwear must be exposed to the human body, so its materials need to have fire resistance to prevent human damage when accidents occur.According to the certification promulgated by the fire department, sexy underwear materials must meet certain fire test standards.

5. Fiber content certification

The fiber used in sexy underwear will directly affect the human body, so the fiber content needs to be certified.According to different trade agreements, the certification standards of various fibers are also different.

6. American FDA Certification

If you export sex underwear to the US market, you need to obtain US FDA certification.The FDA is an institution of the US federal government that is responsible for supervising the safety and effectiveness of food, drugs, medical equipment and other products.

7. European OEKO-TEX certification

The OEKO-Tex logo is a global test and certification system that specifically tests textiles to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances.Therefore, obtaining OEKO-TEX certification can enhance the competitiveness of sexy underwear in the European market.

8. Customer specific certification

When exporting sex underwear, you should obtain specific certification according to the customer’s requirements.For example, some customers may need to pass BSCI certification to confirm whether human rights, labor rights, overtime work and security in the manufacturing process meet the specified standards.

9. Conclusion

The certification standards required for export sex underwear are different. It is necessary to formulate corresponding certification plans according to the target market and customer requirements.Only through a series of certification procedures can we enhance the competitiveness of sexy underwear in the international market.

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