What clothes do you wear outside the sexy underwear

Consider the situation

When you buy a sexy sexy underwear, you must consider how to match your coat, it is best to wear a sense of fashion and sexy.


If the sexy underwear you choose is transparent, it is best not to wear too exposed, you can choose to match a perspective dress.The sense of perspective can play a balanced role and better set off your sexy.

Loose windbreaker

You can also choose a loose trench coat with sexy underwear. The windbreaker has a sense of wrapping, which can protect your privacy, but also highlight your sexy.With a pair of high heels, it can increase temperament.

Retro skirt

To create sexy and romantic, retro long skirt is a good choice. The lines of the long skirt can also bring you unlimited imagination space.At the same time, a lace -fitting clothes can show your perfect figure.


If you are wearing a tight sexy sexy lingerie, you can consider matching with an vest, which can emphasize your body curve.Black tone can make you look full of mystery.


A lace top with shorts or jeans can make you look both cute and feminine.Remember to choose tight and slim pants to highlight your perfect figure.

Split skirt

If your sexy underwear skirt is shorter and want to show your beautiful legs.You can choose a split skirt, which can not only show the beautiful legs, but also bring the breeze feel.

Leather jacket

If you want to show your sexy and wild nature, you can choose a leather jacket. The leather coat itself has a rebellious feeling. With sexy underwear, it can give people a different impression.

High waist trousers

Wearing high -waisted trousers with fun underwear is also a stylish matching method. High -waist trousers can improve the waistline and also highlight your perfect leg shape.


If you like to wear dresses, you can choose a back dress to seamlessly combine your back and sexy underwear.At the same time, you can also choose some personal skirts to perfectly outline your sexy figure.

In summary, when choosing a coat, you need to choose according to your own sexy lingerie style. It is best not to be excessively exposed or too conservative.Finding a matching method for you can not only highlight your sexy, but also show your temperament.

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