What are the Japanese sexy underwear brands

What are the Japanese sexy underwear brands

Japan has always been a pioneering area of sexy underwear, which provides a series of colorful and updated sexy underwear, catering to the needs of women.In the next article, we will explore some well -known Japanese sexy underwear brands.

1. Cosabella

Cosabella is derived from Italy. It is usually called "sexy underwear giants", but it also occupies an important position in the Japanese underwear market.COSABELLA’s sexy underwear design is mainly comfortable and detailed processing. It is one of the most love underwear brands that Japanese women love.

2. Aimerfeel

Aimerfeel is a Japanese soil sex lingerie brand. The focus of its products is to exude a sweet and cute feeling.The design is mostly lace and bow, suitable for those women who like cute style.

3. ravijour

The Ravijor brand is famous for its smart underwear. Underwear can automatically detect women’s heart rate and automatically open it when it is high.This sense of science and technology is one of the trends chased by Japanese women.

4. Wacoal

Wacoal’s sexy underwear brand began in Japan and has developed into one of the world’s well -known brands.Its product is mainly treated and slim design, and is the preferred brand of mature women.

5. Triumph

Triumph is a brand from Germany and has high popularity in Asian regions such as Japan.Its erotic underwear is mainly comfortable and fit, suitable for women who pay attention to details and pursue comfortable.

6. La Perla

La Perla’s sexy underwear is fashionable and eye -catching, especially for details.This Italian brand is one of the representatives of high -end sexy underwear brands, and its price is relatively high.

7. Peach John

The sexy underwear of the Peach John brand is positioned in fashion and cuteness, and is particularly welcomed by Japanese women.Its design is inspired by Europe and the United States, with a variety of colors and comfortable texture.

8. Eatme

Eatme is a fashionable and avant -garde brand that has a good reputation in Japan.Its fun underwear design is creative and unique, suitable for those who love amazing women.

The above brands are widely popular in the Japanese sexy underwear market. They not only provide a variety of products, but also have a lot of effort in detail processing and design, so they have won the consumption of women.Japan’s sexy underwear market has been constantly updated and upgraded, and each brand is gradually evolving, bringing more possibilities to women.

In summary, there are many Japanese sexy underwear brands. From sweet and cute to high -end luxury, you can find things that suits you.

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