What are the actresses of the sexy underwear version of AV

Actress sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only suitable for ordinary women, but also one of the favorite clothing of actresses.In fact, many actresses are fans of sexy underwear. Whether it is enthusiastic red or sexy and charming black, sexy underwear plays an important role in AV.Let’s take a look at the love underwear.

Lin Zhiling

Lin Zhiling is a Taiwanese actress and model. Her taste and choice in sex underwear is very good.Whether it is lace or mesh material, her choice is classic, and she often shares her sexy underwear and pajamas on her social media.


Yoshizawa is a very famous Japanese AV actress. She often wore a variety of different types of sexy underwear in AV, including lace suits, complete sexy underwear, suspenders, vests, and so on.Her underwear style is usually more complicated and changing, which can show her perfect figure and attract many male fans.

Kosawa Maria

Kobayashi Maria is another well -known Japanese AV actress. She has worn various styles of sexy underwear in AV, from sweet style to sexy and seductive style.Her clothing style corresponds to changes in characters and scenes.


Aoi is a Japanese AV actress and fashion model. She has a high reputation in the field of sexy underwear.She often releases sexy underwear photos on her social media. The most popular is lace, stockings, blue -colored underwear, and also set up fun underwear and sling.

Takizawa Lola

Takizawa Lola is an excellent Japanese AV actress with a long history. She is one of the popular sexy underwear models.The red and black lace sexy underwear has always been her love, and her clothing has largely created her classic adult TV image to a large extent.

Jin Xishan

Kim Xishan is one of the few Korean actresses and one of the Korean sexy underwear models.She often shares photos of sexy underwear and pajamas on her Weibo. Her clothing style is simple and fresh.


Nagasawa is a well -known Japanese AV actress and film actor. Her sexy underwear style is sexy and elegant, revealing her natural and simple style.

Sugihara Apricy

Sugihara Apricot is a young and promising Japanese actress and model. She is one of the rookies in the sex underwear industry.Her erotic underwear is usually simple, and looks fresh, giving people a comfortable feeling.

Kiriya Yulia

Kiriya Yulia is another well -known Japanese AV actress, and she also has a high reputation in the field of sexy underwear.Tonggu Yulia often appears in a complete set of sexy underwear and is favored by many male fans.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is very popular among AV actresses. They pay attention to the choice of underwear style and use sexy underwear to show their sexy, personality and body advantages.It is not only an indispensable element in AV, but also an indispensable part of ordinary women’s fashion.

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