Well -known domestic sexy underwear brand

Introduce domestic sex lingerie brands

As people’s understanding of sex is becoming more and more open, the domestic sexy underwear market is growing.The following is an introduction to well -known domestic sexy underwear brands.

1. Flying sexy underwear

Feiyue sexy underwear has a high popularity and reputation in the domestic market.Its product is rich in style and affordable, suitable for consumer groups at different levels.At the same time, Feiyue’s sex underwear focuses on the user experience and ensures the safety and comfort of the product material.

2. Playboy sexy underwear

Flower Playboy’s sexy underwear brand is already very influential in the international market.Its product style is unique and stylish, often based on basic colors and incorporate some popular elements.Playboy’s sexy underwear is relatively high, and the quality and brand image are better.

3. Cute and sexy underwear

The cute and erotic lingerie respects the fusion of cuteness and sexy. Its style is mostly a cute series. It is suitable for girls’ tastes. The price is also very competitive in the market.In addition, cute and erotic underwear also attaches great importance to the design of product packaging, and creates a better image for products.

4.vs sexy underwear

VS sex underwear is a brand from the United States. Its products are high, and are mainly based on sexy style and luxury quality.VS means "Victoria’s Secret", and almost every underwear is presented in a sexy and luxurious way.For consumers, buying VS sex underwear is definitely a luxury enjoyment.


Eimy’s erotic underwear is a German brand. Its products are mostly known for high -end materials and high -quality production.Its price is high, the style is mainly sexy, and mostly customized production.For high -end consumers with sufficient economic strength, love lingerie is very popular.

6. Nivea sexy underwear

Nivea’s sexy underwear brand originated from France, and its characteristics are mainly transparent, sweet and feminine styles.The product style is relatively low -key, and the price is more close to the people than other brands.

7. Orchahoya sexies

Orchard sex lingerie is a younger brand in China.Its product style follows the international trend and draws on the design style of Western brands.The price of the product is high, and the quality and word of mouth are relatively stable.

8. Buy fish erotic sheet clothes

Buying fish is also a domestic e -commerce sexy underwear brand.Its characteristics are that the sales channels are mainly online sales, and the price is relatively close to the people.I also buy a fish’s favorable underwear to keep up with the times and master the needs of consumers at any time to win the market share.

9. Cheese erotic underwear

Cheese erotic lingerie brands are rich in product styles.Its price is relatively close to the people, and the publicity focus is on the low -end consumer market.At the same time, cheese erotic underwear encourages consumers to interact and share, and continuously enhances its reputation and brand influence.

10. Pink fox sex lingerie

Pink fox sex lingerie is also well -known in the domestic market.Its product style is mainly sexy and has a high degree of fashion, suitable for young consumers.Pink fox erotic underwear also attaches importance to offline promotion activities, allowing consumers to better understand, experience and purchase their products.

my point of view

In the domestic sexy underwear market, the brand is rich, the price is different, the style is different, and the consumer groups are different. However, all brands pay attention to quality and comfort, which is closely related to the needs of consumers.No matter what brand of sexy underwear, user experience is essential.

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