Wedding sex lingerie script


Wedding is the dream of every woman.On this day, they want to be the most beautiful bride.In addition to choosing a perfect wedding dress, sexy underwear is also an indispensable part.In this article, we will discuss the importance, style and purchase suggestions of wedding lingerie.


Wedding is a very important equipment, but many women ignore the importance of sexy underwear.Interest underwear can improve the appearance of the wedding dress, create the atmosphere of a big day, and make the bride more comfortable and confident at the wedding.


There are many different wedding dresses sexy lingerie styles to meet different needs.The most common is the corset and suspension underwear.This style is suitable for low -cut, tail and close wedding dresses.Another popular style is even body -made underwear. It can be tied to the body and can be unveiled to facilitate the use of the toilet.Other popular styles include vest corsets, vest -style sexy underwear and vest high waist underwear.

Color and detail

The color and details of sexy underwear are important.Generally, white and skin tone are the most common colors, but you can also choose more personalized and romantic colors, such as pink, red or black.The details of sexy underwear can include lace, lace, beads and lace edges.This will increase the exquisite and charm of the wedding dress.


Fabrics are also very important because they can directly affect the appearance of the wedding dress.Generally, polyester, nylon, silk and cotton are all popular choices.The polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle, and it is not easy to get static electricity; nylon fabric is soft, breathable, and is not easy to fade; silk fabric is smooth, soft, and naturally drooping; cotton fabric is naturally comfortable and not easy to allergic.

Size and quality

It is very important to choose a size suitable for you. It can not only ensure comfort, but also avoid cases where the size is inappropriate.In addition, choosing high -quality sexy underwear is important because they can use durable and maintain shape and appearance for a long time after the wedding.

Carefully select

To choose a wedding dress that suits you, you need to choose carefully.If you choose to shop online, check the size and return policy.If you walk into a physical store, try to wear different styles and fabrics to understand its comfort and appearance.

With a wedding dress

It is also important to correct wedding dresses.Underwear should not be exposed under the wedding dress, otherwise it may damage the overall dressing effect.You need to ensure that the color and style of the underwear and the wedding dress are adapted and match it with shoes and jewelry.

Bride comfortable

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that the bride’s comfort.Although the appearance of sexy underwear is important, comfort is more important in big days.The correct -size sexy underwear allows the bride to move and dance easily and easily during the wedding.

in conclusion

Wedding erotic underwear is an important factor that must be considered when every bride is preparing for a wedding.The correct underwear can enhance the appearance and feeling of the wedding dress, and always maintain the comfort and confidence of the bride.By carefully selecting the size, color, style, quality and fabric, the bride can ensure that the wedding is smooth, confident and beautiful.

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