Wearing sex underwear shooting

How to wear sexy underwear to take sexy beautiful photos

Take sexy underwear photos is a job that requires skills and experience.If you want to show off your sexy figure and attract attention, then there are some skills and suggestions here to help you take perfect sexy underwear photos.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, you need to choose the right sexy underwear.Make sure your erotic underwear matches your figure and is suitable for your style and shooting theme.The right sexy underwear can emphasize your advantages and make you look more sexy.

Prepare makeup and hairstyles

Before shooting, make sure your makeup and hairstyle are ready.A personalized appearance requires a makeup and hairstyle matched with it.You can choose some gorgeous lipsticks, eye shadows and mascara to emphasize your makeup.For hairstyles, you can try curling your hair or flat hair to enhance your sexy charm.

Choose the right shooting scene

It is also important to choose a suitable shooting scene.You can choose indoor or outdoor shooting, but no matter what ways, you need correct lights and backgrounds.A bright background can enhance your sexy atmosphere, and the background should not interfere with your sexy underwear.

Appropriate posture and angle

When shooting, you need to find a suitable posture and angle.Try to find a posture that can highlight your physical advantages, and then shoot from different angles.Try to shoot from different heights and perspectives to find the best angle.

Use natural light

Using natural light can make your photos more real.If you shoot outdoors, you can choose when the weather is clear and the light is soft.When shooting indoors, try to use natural light instead of lighting.If you need to use light, choose soft and bright lights to enhance your sexy atmosphere.

Photo after treatment

After completing the shooting, use the post -processing tool to further enhance your photos.You can try some free post -processing software, such as Lightroom and Photoshop.It is a good way to use appropriate post -processing to enhance photos, but do not use special effects.

Choose the right accessories

The choice of accessories is also very important.You can choose some sexy shoes, stockings or jewelry as accessories to enhance the shooting effect.But to ensure that accessories style is consistent with the style of sexy underwear, otherwise it will look rustic.

Expression and movement

When shooting, expressions and movements are also very important.Try to relax your expression and body and put on a natural and sexy posture.Adjusting your posture or fidding your hair can make your photos look more vivid.


Sexy sexy underwear shooting is not just an opportunity to show the body, but an opportunity to show self -confidence and charm.Wearing appropriate underwear, proper makeup and hairstyles, and appropriate expressions and movements can help you take sexy photos.But in all photos, the most important thing is to make you feel confident and beautiful.

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