Wearing sex underwear selfies

Stimulate self -confidence, wear sexy underwear selfies

Women’s sexy and self -confidence is inseparable, and wearing erotic underwear is a way to make women become charm.Today, selfie culture has become an important part of people’s lives. There is no need to shy, boldly put on their favorite sexy lingerie, challenge the difficulty of selfie, and enjoy their own sexy moments.

Choose a style that suits you

There are many fun underwear brands and styles. For those who are in contact for the first time, it is recommended not to blindly follow the trend of popular styles. You should first understand your physical characteristics and preferences, and then choose the appropriate style and color.For example, tall women are suitable for choosing revealing styles to make their bodies more charming.

Pay attention to details and create shapes

Self -portrait sexy lingerie photos need to pay attention to details. From the selection of the right underwear style to the details of the scarf, sitting position and other details, you must consider thoroughly to create your own exclusive shape.At the same time, pay attention to the light and shooting angle of the photo to highlight your advantages.

Makeup and hairstyle are equally important

Makeup and hairstyles are also an important part of self -timer to shoot sexy underwear.Choose cosmetics such as lipstick color, eye shadow, etc., with your favorite hairstyle to create a perfect sexy image.

Pay attention to physical attitude, self -confidence performance

Whether wearing sexy underwear or selfies in self -timer sexy underwear, confident physical attitude and performance are essential.Stretch your chest, tighten your waist, and maintain a natural and beautiful posture when shooting, show your perfect figure.

Stay away from the scale to be too large and create aesthetics

When taking selfies of sexy underwear, do not pursue too much too much, and pay more attention to creating aesthetics.You can learn from the shooting methods of various fashion magazines, choose appropriate angles and light to create your own sexy beauty.

Understand your needs, choose the right scenario

When taking selfies of sexy underwear, you should also understand your needs, and choose the appropriate scene according to the characteristics of your sexy lingerie style, style, temperament.You can choose a simple bedroom, living room, etc., or replace the location outdoors for shooting.

With the help of tools and software, improve the shooting level

In addition to choosing the right environment and scenes, using some shooting tools and software can also improve the level of self -portrait sexy underwear photos.For example, installing some beauty camera software can make the photos softer and natural, and use a selfie rod to obtain a more convenient shooting angle.

Share photos, show personality and charm

Take selfies of sexy underwear is not only personal enjoyment, but also can be shared with friends or social platforms to show their own personality and charm.At the same time, you can also find space for inspiration and improvement from the opinions of others to achieve self -improvement.


Wearing a selfie photo of sexy underwear is not only a challenge, but also a kind of enjoyment.Pay attention to details, focus on details, self -confidence performance, avoid excessive pursuit of too much scale, self -identification and amendment after shooting, and share photos reasonably, can show personality and charm, and can further improve self -confidence in the process of realizing self -improvement.

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