Wearing a sexy underwear to pass the security inspection

How to wear sexy underwear during the security check?

For some people with interesting toys, wearing or sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of daily life.However, when you need to participate in special occasions, such as a plane, riding a high -speed rail or entering some places, a security inspector may ask you to take off your clothes for inspection. In this case, how to wear sexy underwear during the security check?The following small titles will provide you with several useful skills.

Choose suitable sexy underwear materials

Interesting underwear materials should not easily cause security instruments to alarm. It is best not to choose sexy underwear with metal materials. These materials include steel wires, metal single buckles, magnets, etc. These items can be easily detected by security inspection instruments.Therefore, you should choose sexy underwear made of cotton or pure silk, so that the security process will be smoother.

Try to avoid wearing sexy underwear

If time is too late, you can consider putting the sexy lingerie in the box before traveling and replace it in the destination.But this is not acceptable to everyone, so we can consider the following skills.

Add a coat to the sexy underwear

A loose T -shirt or thin coat on the underwear can effectively prevent security inspectors from discovering the existence of sexy underwear.Remember that this coat can be removed freely without being disturbed by security instruments.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Some sexy lingerie may be exaggerated, and these styles are more likely to attract the attention of security inspectors.Therefore, in order to ensure safety, you should choose a more conservative sexy lingerie style and color. It is best to choose a sexy underwear similar to the color of the clothes.

Choose a suitable dressing position

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to choose a proper position.For example, if you plan to wear a sexy underwear, you should choose to wear it below your chest. Do not choose to wear it on your chest.This can help reduce the doubts and attention of security inspection personnel.

Other clothing that is conducive to security inspection

For the sake of insurance, we can also match some other costumes that are conducive to security checks, such as tight long -sleeved clothes and trousers, which can help cover the outline of the sex underwear and reduce the doubts of security personnel.

Keep communication with security inspectors

During the security check, it is also an important step to maintain communication with the security inspector. When the security inspector asked if you have metal items, you can explain to him/her, so that he/she knows that you are wearing a sexy underwear instead of it, not what you are wearing, not what you are wearing, instead of it, not what you are wearing, instead of itItems with criminal properties.

Follow the requirements of security inspectors

Finally, remind us that we should follow the requirements and regulations of the security inspector during the security check.If you encounter unpleasant or conflict, please communicate with the security inspector to ensure the safety of yourself or others.


In modern society, sexy underwear has become a fashionable lifestyle, and it is not unusual to wear it.However, during security checks, we still need to keep cautiously and follow the requirements and requirements of security inspection as much as possible.Some of the techniques and suggestions provided in this article can help us wear a journey or enter the place more smoothly and safely in sexy underwear.

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