Wearing a sexy underwear is pressed below

How to solve the sex underwear is pressed below?

When you put on a sexy underwear and look forward to a sexy, exciting night, but you can’t get angry by underwear, what should I do?This will not only make you feel pain, but also affect your interesting experience.Now, we will provide you with a few ways to solve the wearing underwear being pressed below.

1. Select the right size

First of all, determine whether the sexy underwear you choose is suitable for your size.If your underwear is too tight, it will have a bad impact on your body, including stimulating your skin, and may cause congestion and inflammation.Therefore, it is very important to choose underwear with the right size.

2. Find comfortable underwear material

It is also very important to choose the appropriate material. It is best to choose soft and breathable fabrics, so that even if you wear it for a long time, it will not bring too much pressure to the lower body.

3. Whether to choose a chest pad

Choose a underwear that suits you, consider the different chest shape.For women with flat breasts, choosing underwear with chest pads can make the chest look fuller, and for plump women, choosing underwear without chest pads is more comfortable.

4. Pay attention to the choice of belt

Some erotic underwear will be added to the belt, so the design of the design has a great impact on the distribution of the center of gravity.Choose a loose belt, and lying on the bed when wearing underwear to try on, which can better solve the sense of oppression brought by underwear.

5. Avoid wearing underwear during exercise

Underwear is suitable for wearing in sex, but it is not suitable for wearing during sports, because in exercise, breathing will be accelerated, and more sweat will make the underwear humid. At this time, wearing underwear will be more uncomfortable.

6. Choose the right underwear style

If you are easily oppressed by underwear, you are recommended to choose loose underwear in order to increase comfort, which can reduce the sense of oppression of the lower body.

7. Relax naturally

When you put on a sexy underwear, your body will react accordingly and start to put corresponding pressure.At this time, the best solution is to relax the body naturally and try to avoid excessive tension.

8. Pay attention to breathing

The restraint of underwear often affects your breathing, causing you to feel nervous and discomfort.Therefore, pay attention to keeping normal breathing when wearing underwear and relax the body.

In short, wearing a fun underwear is pressed below a very uncomfortable thing.However, choosing the right size, material, chest pads, belts and panties style can solve this problem.Most importantly, keep relaxing when wearing sexy underwear and pay attention to breathing to allow you to get a more pleasant experience in sex.

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