Wear sex underwear chest stickers

Wear sex underwear chest stickers

The design and style of sexy underwear can make women present amazing sexy charm.However, for some women, when wearing erotic underwear, it is often encountered by discomfort and less convenient to wear underwear.At this time, chest stickers may be a good trick to solve these problems.This article introduces the necessity of using chest stickers when wearing a sexy underwear and how to correct the chest.

1. What is a chest sticker?

Breast paste is a professional product made of reusable or one -time adhesive clothing. It is affixed to the female chest to support and storage of the chest.The chest sticker can effectively make the breasts more beautiful and more beautiful, while avoiding the difficulty of being difficult to cooperate with other underwear when wearing sexy underwear.

2. Types of chest stickers

At present, there are two main types of breast stickers on the market: one is the colloid patch that can be reused; the other is the cloth chest sticker used at one time.

2.1 Repeated colloidum patch

This kind of chest sticker is commonly made of polymer gel, which has better tailorability and adaptability than cloth chest stickers.Dip the chest sticker from the transparent film during use, and then stick it under the clean, non -polluting breast.After use, post the remaining film back, do not discard it.

2.2 Displicable cloth chest sticker

This chest paste is made of thin cloth materials. Because it is used at one time, it is more hygienic to use than reusable patch.But if you want to reuse, you can consider buying a thicker chest sticker.

3. Essentials of chest stickers

When using the chest sticker, you need to follow the following steps:

3.1 Clean breasts and skin

Before using the chest stickers, the breasts and skin should be cleaned.Wash the breasts and skin with warm water and use some disinfectants to ensure that the chest stickers are more hygienic.

3.2 Pastening method is correct

When you tear the chest sticker from the transparent film, gently support the bottom of the chest sticker with your fingertips and tear it out of the transparent film from the upper part.Then, the chest is attached to the breast (exposed to the position, it is not appropriate to be too high), and the palm of the palm helps the sticker to ensure that the chest sticker is fully contact with the skin without bubbles and wrinkles.

3.3 Pay attention to the material

When choosing a chest sticker, you can consider fitting the shape and size of your breasts. If you stick it too large, you can’t hold it; if you stick it too small, the chest sticker cannot support the chest well.At the same time, it is recommended to choose waterproof materials to avoid sweating or penetrate from the clothing during water fighting.

4. Advantages of chest stickers

When using the chest sticker, it can bring the following benefits:

4.1 Hidden chest

Wearing a sexy underwear can hide the aging and relaxation of the chest, thereby improving the effect of the chest shape.

4.2 It feels comfortable

Putting on the chest, the pressure of the breast is reduced, it can feel more comfortable, and solve the sense of restraint brought by traditional underwear.

4.3 Avoid underwear falling off

Some sexy underwear wearing breasts may be easy to fall off due to too little number of bones or loose shoulder straps.Using the chest sticker can help the underwear better, so that the sexy underwear wearing is not easy to slide.

5. Precautions for chest stickers

5.1 Can’t stick to the same position for a long time

Because sticking chest stickers in one place for a long time will make the skin under the breast too sensitive. It is recommended that the chest sticker should not be more than 8 hours.

5.2 Do not use chest stickers when the skin is stimulated

Do not use chest stickers when the skin is stimulated, such as the skin with symptoms such as eczema and dermatitis.

5.3 Do not use skin care products with high oily content

Use oil -containing skin care products will cause patch to be not easy to paste. It is recommended to wipe the chest and wait for drying before use.

6. Beauty effect of chest stickers

Wearing a chest sticker has the effect of beauty, because the use of chest stickers allows the chest to get better support and upright, that is, acknowledging that "Shangtuo" is the basic rule of beautiful breasts.

7. The application of the chest in fashion

In fashion, the chest stickers are gradually applied. Many clothing designers break the restraint of traditional underwear and transform underwear into fashionable accessories.Star lace chest stickers, shiny flashing chest stickers and other rich new breast stickers are welcomed by fashionable women and become fashionable choices for sexy shapes.

8. Summary

Careful female friends will notice that they need to use chest stickers when wearing sexy underwear.Not only can the chest stickers easily make women more confident and enjoy their sexy charm, but also solve the sense of restraint and difficulty with underwear brought by traditional underwear.Of course, the use of chest stickers also has some precautions to avoid damage to the skin.Under the needs of women’s special fashion taste, chest stickers become a good choice for taste.

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