Walking into the subway in sexy underwear

Walking into the subway in sexy underwear

Some women like to buy this underwear in a sexy lingerie shop. At this time, pay attention to starting from the actual situation and choose the right style.

1. Types of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is generally divided into two categories. One is the "beautiful sexy underwear" that focuses on sexy and visual effects, and the other is the "adult erotic lingerie" that focuses on practicality and comfort.

2. How to choose a sexy sheet

First of all, you must ensure that you feel comfortable, and secondly, choose a style that suits you according to your body characteristics.For example, women with large chests can choose a V -shaped underwear, and women with thick waist can choose the waist design.

Third, the sexy lingerie style suitable for the subway

Wearing sexy underwear in the subway, be careful to avoid excessive exposure or exaggerated design.You can choose some simple and sexy styles, such as black lace underwear or white underwear decorated with lace.

Fourth, pay attention to personal hygiene

Pay attention to personal hygiene in sexy underwear. Choosing breathable fabrics can avoid the odor that causes too closed space.In addition, if necessary, you can choose some underwear with nursing function, such as adding antibacterial ingredients underwear.

Fifth, carry a coat with you

Wearing sexy underwear in the subway, you can choose to match a coat, which can not only cover some places that you don’t want to be discovered, but also increase your overall temperament.

6. Appropriate makeup

Appropriate makeup can increase the overall charm, but also avoid too strong or exaggerated makeup. After all, the subway is a public place and does not want to become the focus of everyone’s attention.

7. Avoid contact with others

When wearing sexy underwear on the subway, you should pay attention to avoid contact with others, especially to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers.At the same time, don’t move too much to avoid exposing privacy.

8. Use appropriate masks

When wearing sexy underwear on the subway, you can use the appropriate mask, which can cover your face and avoid the attention of others.You can choose some special masks to increase the overall sense of fashion.


When wearing sexy underwear into the subway, you need to pay attention to the occasion, choose the right style, pay attention to the protection of personal hygiene and privacy, and avoid contact with others, so as to increase the overall charm and protect your dignity and privacy.

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