Very exposed lingerie Alibaba

Sexual Emotional Inquisity -exposed style that was shocked on Alibaba

Interest underwear has become a symbol of fashion and sexy. The purpose of this underwear is to highlight the graceful figure and sexy charm of women.Searching for sexy underwear on the Alibaba platform, you will find that there are many very exposed styles. Today we will learn about these styles.


The thong is a very explicit sexy underwear. This underwear is composed of three fine rods. There is a small diamond -shaped cloth covering important parts in front, and the rest of the place is exposed.The thongs make women’s butt more plump and more sexy.


Transparent hood is a very exposed sexy underwear. The cover is made of yarn net material, which can fully see the body.Transparent hood is a more exposed underwear that makes women’s figure curves more three -dimensional without losing charming style.


Lace bra is a common sexy lingerie style. This underwear is full of romantic and charming elements. The combination of lace fabrics with plump chests highlights the sexy charm of women.

Open crotch stockings

Open crotch stockings are a relatively strange underwear style. This stockings are completely cut off at the crotch and completely expose the parts between the legs. It is a very teasing underwear.

Deep V conjoined clothes

Deep V conjoined clothing is a very sexy sexy lingerie. This underwear is characterized by very low -key and beautiful contour curves, which shows women’s figure.

Pink lace set

The pink lace suit is a sexy underwear with girly style. This underwear is made of pink lace and a lace skirt, which reflects the sweet girly style.At the same time, this underwear also shows the sexy charm of women, which perfectly combines two temperament of girls and women.

Low -waist pants

Low -waist pants are a unique design of sexy underwear. The back of this underwear is the standard thong style, but in the front, it can even be said that the areas below the waist are exposed.Display women’s sexy and charm.


The missing bra is a very special sexy underwear. Its design makes people feel like wearing bras, but in fact, the material and design of this underwear are very fine.The missing bra can make women’s chest more upright, while not losing sexy charm.

Dragon and Phoenix Main Couples

Dragon and phoenix couple underwear is a very special sexy underwear. It is composed of two underwear. One is a male sexy dragon underwear, and the other is a feminine and sexy phoenix underwear.This kind of erotic underwear perfectly reflects the complementary temperament of men and women, and enhances the feelings between each other.

Seven -point sleeve full transparent jacket

Seven -point sleeve full transparent coat is a very passionate sexy underwear. This underwear has only a part of the sleeve, and the rest is covered with the skin, which is fully transparent.This underwear makes women look more beautiful, and can also show the sexy charm of women.


Interest underwear has become a fashion symbol of modern women. These styles are very explicit, but they are also very popular on the Alibaba platform.If you want to show your sexy charm or to surprise your partner, then sexy underwear is definitely your best choice.

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