Use a rope SM sex underwear

The design elements of using rope as a SM sex underwear have been popular for a while.This underwear is composed of ropes and other ropes, which can be used for pure decorations, or to increase stimuli and pleasure.In this article, we will deeply explore the SM sex underwear using the rope, including styles, use methods, and security notes.

1. Corporation bra

The rope bra is designed as a traditional bra. They usually have a variety of ropes and structural patterns to achieve the purpose of decoration and enhancement.These bras are usually equipped with rich detailed rope structures, and their complexity varies from manufacturers and design.

2. Cordy rope briefs

The design of the rope triangle is similar to traditional triangular underwear. Their sutures are usually replaced with exquisite details of the rope structure to emphasize the body curve and increase stimuli and pleasure.

3. Binding binding body clothes

The binding body is composed of many exquisite rope structures, which can personalize the body size and shape.Binding the body can balance the proportion of the body, emphasize the curve, increase the visual impact, and also provide stimuli and pleasure.

4. Elbow and wrist tie rope

Elbow and wrist tie rope are usually used to increase constraints and restrictions to create a more exciting SM experience.These ropes can be tied to the joints of the body to limit their movements.

5. Leg and waist tie rope

The tie of the leg and the waist can move the center of gravity of the body to a more sensitive area, enhance the pleasure and stimulation.These ropes can be used in different parts of the body to increase the body’s reversal and change, and to enhance the interesting experience accordingly.

6. Instructions for safety

When using SM sex underwear, security notice is very important.When using a rope, make sure that the materials and quality of the rope are excellent, and check the rope regularly to ensure that it has no break or damage.In addition, when using a rope, you must pay attention to the breathing and physical condition of the subject, and slowly increase the stimulus under the premise of ensuring safety.

7. Inspiration source

Many SM sex underwear manufacturers have inspired their design in Japan’s bundling art, also known as "knot art" or "Kinbaku".Creating the framework of knot art and clothing design that uses modern materials is one of the main sources of modern SM sex underwear.

8. History origin

The use of ropes to perform SM sex games is ancient and widely popular.According to reports, this approach can be traced back to the early ancient Egypt and Japan, and it was also profoundly affected by modern Bondage and BDSM’s sex culture.

9. Give play to creativity

The SM sexy underwear using rope as a design element has a very high creative space. Designers and manufacturers can spend a lot of time on these elements, use their creativity, and create unique designs.

10. Summary view

Although the SM sexy underwear using the rope set off a wave in the market, it should be paid special attention when buying.Choose a rope with excellent materials. At the same time, we must maintain safety awareness during use to ensure physical health and stimulus experience.

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