Try the maximum sexy underwear with your boss


Recently, I have a boss who wants to buy a sexy underwear. She asked me to help her choose. I recommend the largest sexy underwear in the market. She is very satisfied.However, after trying on, I found that the popular size guide is not always applicable to buying appropriate sexy underwear, so I did some studies and found several special methods suitable for trying on and buying sexy underwear.

Preparation before trial

Before trying to penetrate new sex lingerie, you need to make some basic preparations.First, you need to determine your size.It is recommended to choose a professional sexy underwear store. With the help of the clerk, measure your bust and lower circumference size to ensure that the underwear size you choose is correct.

Limit starting point position

When trying on, pay attention to whether the starting point of the waist is suitable for your body.If the starting point of sexy underwear is too low or too high, it will affect your comfort.Therefore, you must consider your waist starting point and the design of underwear before trying it on.

Wearable experience

Trying penetration is the key to ensuring comfort.It is best to choose a sexy underwear with similar figures to make sure you can clearly feel the comfort of the underwear.Walk around, sit down, bend down, twist your body to ensure that the underwear can be adjusted with the body’s movements without slipping or distorting.


Desment is the key part of sexy underwear, which is used to adjust the ring buckle and make the underwear more fit the body.However, some buttons may not be in line with your body, so you need to adjust the button when trying on to get the best comfort.

Attention to detail

Pay attention to the details of sexy underwear, such as inner plackets, shoulder straps, and materials, whether it is suitable and comfortable.The shoulder straps should not be cut into the body, but should be installed safely on the shoulders.Before paying, make sure to check every detail of the underwear to ensure comfort and your body.

It is recommended to customize

If you do not find a perfect sexy underwear that is perfect for you, it is recommended to consider tailor -made.Some advanced sexy underwear brands provide tailor -made services to ensure the best fit and comfort.

The importance of the trial link

Due to the special design and tight materials of sexy underwear, the correct size and comfort are very important.When buying sexy underwear, be sure to confirm the size after trial; if you cannot try it on, you should study the brand’s size guide as much as possible to ensure that the appropriate size should be selected.

My advice

Finally, my suggestion is to pay attention to the appearance and style when buying sexy underwear, and the comfort and fit should also be an important consideration.If you have any questions, it is best to go to a professional sexy underwear shop to try on and consult to ensure that you find the perfect sexy underwear.


Trying sexy underwear may be a difficult thing, but through the methods and skills in this article, I believe you can find the most suitable sexy underwear to improve comfort and aesthetic level.At the same time, when buying a sexy underwear, understanding your own body difference and your preference for dressing experience will make your shopping experience better and meet expectations.In your next shopping journey, I hope this article will help you.

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