Trinch fun underwear for customers

Trinch fun underwear for customers

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear, which is more sexy and attractive than ordinary underwear. It is suitable for party or private occasions at night.In the sexual underwear trial before the customer, as an expert in sex underwear, you should provide some tips.In this article, we will explore a few tips to help you successfully try to make fun underwear to customers.

Choose comfortable underwear

Comfort is the primary.No matter what the sexy underwear you choose, the most important thing is to be comfortable.Therefore, the size and style of the sexy underwear will be adjusted.Try to choose as much as possible underwear.In addition, materials are also very important.You need to ensure that the underwear is soft, comfortable, and breathable, and has certain elasticity.

Understand the needs of customers

Generally speaking, customers will tell you the style and color they want.However, some customers may try some new colors and styles.At this time, you need to understand their needs and provide them with a benchmark according to the requirements of customers, and then recommend some small changes.

Emphasize the beauty of the figure

Sexy underwear emphasizes the beauty of the body.When you let your customers wear sexy underwear, make sure it meets the customer’s figure.It needs to be suitable for the shape of the body and emphasizes the advantages of customers.This is the most important point, because the purpose of sexy underwear is to make customers more attractive.

Try different styles

There are many different styles and designs in sex underwear, and different customers have different tastes.Therefore, you should show customers different styles.For those who do not have special requirements, you can choose styles according to their figure, preferences and occasions.

Consider occasion

The occasion is the key to choosing sexy underwear.You have to ask customers which occasions will wear sexy underwear.If it is a private occasion, then customers want more sexy and exposed underwear.If it is a party or party, the customer may want to choose a more luxurious underwear.

The importance of color

The color of sexy underwear is very important.Different colors have different effects.Black is a common color, which is very beautiful in many women.In addition, red, blue and purple are also common options.

Follow details

Details are one of the keys to successfully choosing sexy underwear.Many erotic underwear details are very good, such as lace and sequins.These details make the underwear look more luxurious and sexy.Before trying sexy underwear, pay attention to some important details to see if they attract attention.

Try to try on before buying

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to make sure customers try on.This can ensure that customers can wear underwear normally without any pain or discomfort.This is also a good way to see if this underwear meets customer standards.

Create a comfortable environment

A comfortable environment can relax customers and make the whole process more pleasant.When trying sexy underwear, ensure that customers have a relaxed environment.You can turn off the lights, play relaxed music or provide a small snack to help customers relax.


Purchasing sexy underwear correctly can make you feel confident while sexy and attractive.Therefore, as an expert in sexy underwear, to ensure that customers provide as many choices as possible, and it is very important to pay much attention to comfort in the process of trying to pay attention to the comfort of the underwear.

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