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Interest underwear is no longer just left for the bedroom.Today, sexy underwear has become a must -have part of fashion women.Transparent sexy underwear is particularly popular.There are many types of underwear and there are many options.In this article, we will explore transparent sexy underwear and how to choose a suitable style.

What is transparent erotic sheet

Transparent erotic underwear refers to underwear using transparent elements in fabric, weaving, and patterns.This underwear is usually made of lace, gauze, and other light and light fabrics, allowing people to see the outline or location of the body through clothing.

What is suitable

Transparent sexy underwear is most suitable for the private moment between couples.Whether it is a special occasion for celebrating festivals or celebrating individuals or families, transparent sexy underwear is always a good choice.Of course, if you want to wear this underwear outside, you must ensure that the occasion is suitable, otherwise it is easy to leave a bad impression.

The style of transparent sex lingerie

There are many styles to choose from transparent sexy underwear.The most basic styles include transparent bra and transparent underwear.In addition, there are various types of transparent sexy underwear, such as light and light pants suits, exposed back -to -back body clothes.

How to choose transparent sexy underwear

If you want to buy transparent sexy underwear, the following points need to be paid attention to:

Ensure that the size is appropriate.Underwear with inappropriate size will not only cause discomfort to the body, but also seriously affect your fashion style.

Choose a style suitable for your body.Different figures are suitable for different styles, depending on personal preferences and temperament.

Pay attention to the fabric material.Transparent erotic underwear is usually made of lace, gauze and other thin and light fabrics, so it is necessary to choose the material more carefully.

The matching of transparent sex lingerie

If you want to turn transparent erotic underwear into part of fashion dressing, the following are some matching suggestions:

The transparent pants suit can be paired with high heels and simple earrings.

The transparent bra can be combined with a thin or half skirt to create a fresh and sexy daily shape.

Transparent underwear can be matched with high -waisted skirts or low -waist pants to show your sexy body curve.

Maintain transparent sexy sheets

Transparent sexy underwear requires more careful care and maintenance.Here are some maintenance suggestions:

Hand washing is the best way to maintain transparent sexy underwear.

Use a mild cleaning agent, do not use bleach or perm.

Place the underwear in the laundry bag to avoid damage to the fabric.

Don’t wash and dry at high temperature.

Brand recommendation of transparent sex lingerie

There are many transparent sexy underwear in the market.Here are some brands recommendation:

Victoria’s Secret

La Perla


Agent Provocateur

Your style, your choice

No matter what type of transparent erotic underwear you choose, you must consider your temperament and style when choosing.The most important thing is that you should choose a underwear that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and free.

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