The world’s number one sexy underwear

The world’s number one erotic underwear brand

As one of the important lingerie categories of women’s underwear in modern urban women, sexy underwear has been improved from ancient and monotonous underwear functions to one of the fashion, sexy, and passionate underwear accessories.Major brands have also launched a eager competition in the sexy underwear market.Let ’s take a look at which one of the sex underwear brands in the world’s number one.

1. Kiss ME

Kiss ME sex underwear is a well -known Japanese sexy underwear brand. It breaks traditional underwear design concepts and crickets with a very personal style and creative design, subverts the traditional sweet and gentle underwear style, and caters to the sexy and romantic psychology of urban women.Become one of the most popular underwear brands in fashion women.

2. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most well -known sexy underwear brands and has a well -known underwear show.The brand takes unique and avant -garde underwear design and charm advertising image as a selling point, which is very popular globally.

3. La Perla

La Perla is a brand loved by new and nobles in Europe and the United States. It is known for its high -end luxury style. The quality of the product is superior and the style is unique in style.

4. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand founded in the UK. Its unique design style is known as "alternative sexy underwear".It emphasizes respect for women’s nature and educating people "women are not material, but precious spiritual resources," so that they have won the favor of women around the world.

5. Aimer

Aimer is one of the most influential underwear brands in mainland China and the leader in the world’s underwear industry. Its fun underwear style is diverse, unique, high -quality, and is well -favored.


Chantelle is a French -based sexy underwear brand. The brand has always adhered to high -quality and advanced design concepts of technology as the core. Both styles and quality are extremely good, and they are known as representatives of sexy and high -end underwear.

7. Triumph

As a brand with the forefront of global sexy lingerie sales, Triumph is well known for its traditional manufacturing technology and innovative design. He is good at creating sexy underwear with romance and elegance. It has a complete product line and a variety of styles.

8. Amo’s style

AMO’s Style is a sexy underwear brand under the Chinese national brand AMO’s Boudoir (Omopo Dor). The brand focuses on the design of the feel, fabric, and comfort of the underwear. It is designed with unique rabbit ears as a selling point, which is loved by young women.

9. Wacoal

Wacoal originated from Japan. It is one of the world’s sexual internal leadership brands. Each series uses high -quality fabrics and exquisite tailoring. Its three -dimensional and boneless design allows women to show a perfect curve, which is welcomed by Asian women.

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear creates a casual and personality sexy underwear with simple, clear lines and elegant styling style, which is very popular globally.


Although each sexy underwear brand style is different, they all represent fashion and passion, making women more confident and sexy.We can find a sexy underwear that suits us from these brands to make ourselves more beautiful and confident.

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