The single -node photo of the sexy underwear bought by Taobao

Paragraph: Background Introduction

Recently, I bought some sexy underwear on Taobao, and I was looking forward to it.However, after receiving the product, it was found that some underwear did not label models and sizes.

Paragraph 2: Classification of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, we can classify according to different needs.It mainly includes beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sex lingerie, etc.Each type has different characteristics and wearing effects.

The third paragraph: What is a single number photo

Single -number photos are the essential part of online shopping. It usually contains information about the model, size and other information of the product.This information is very important for us to confirm whether the product meets the requirements.

Paragraph 4: Discovery of the question

When I received a sexy underwear, I found that some underwear did not have a single photo.This confirms that the underwear model and size have brought great difficulties.I started to consider how to solve this problem.

Fifth paragraph: contact the seller

I contacted the seller through the Taobao message system and asked the situation.The seller said that the model and size of the sexy underwear are standard, but there is no leakage photo.The seller guarantees that the underwear meets the requirements.

Section 6: Take a photo

In order to confirm whether the underwear meets the requirements, I decided to take a photo myself.I expanded underwear and took photos from different angles, including signs, fabrics and packaging information.These photos are very important for me to confirm whether underwear meets the requirements.

Seventh paragraph: solve problem

By taking photos, I finally confirmed the model and size of the sexy underwear and proved that they met my requirements.I am very happy to put on them and enjoy the happy time brought by sexy underwear.

Eighth paragraph: Suggestions and Summary

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, it is important to ensure that underwear comes with a single number.However, if there is no photo, we can solve the problem by contacting the seller and taking photos by ourselves.This can help us confirm whether underwear meets the requirements and avoid returns and other issues.

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