The role of sexy underwear hanging strap

The role of sexy underwear hanging strap

1. What is a hanging strap

Streaming straps, that is, a small accessory of fixing socks, is usually made of rubber, silk belts and other materials.Hanging strap is usually used in the design of sexy underwear, and it is used with sexy stockings or lace stockings, making the entire shape more attractive.

2. Types of hanging strap

There are many types of hanging straps, such as back force, lace, Parisian, etc.Different styles and materials will affect the effect of the whole person.The fixing of the rejuvenation of the partarios is high, and the material of the silk and rubber is also very comfortable. It is one of the most classic hanging socks.The lace -type and Parisian stockings are more sexy and elegant, which can not only play a role in fixed socks, but also increase the beauty of the entire dressing shape.

3. Historical development of hanging strap

The earlier socks can be traced back to the end of the 19th century.At that time, women’s skirts were very long. In order to avoid the long skirts behind them, women would raise their backs.To modify this situation, the hanging straps came into being.With the evolution of the times, a lot of changes have taken place in the sling, forming a variety of styles now.

4. The role of hanging strap

The hanging strap can fix the socks to prevent the socks from falling in the walk.At the same time, hanging socks can also enhance the sexyness and charm of the wearer.With sexy stockings or lame stockings, it is more charming.For some noble and elegant occasions, the hanging socks can also be paired with high -level custom lace skirts to perfectly interpret romance and elegance.

5. How to wear a hanging strap correctly

It is very important to wear a strap.First of all, it is necessary to determine that the hanging strap you wear is suitable for your body, especially at the circumference of the circumference and the roots. Don’t be too tight or loose.Secondly, you must choose the right stockings or lace stockings so that you can have a good matching effect.

6. Note

When wearing a hanging strap, avoid too severe exercise, and the hanging straps may wear or even fall off during exercise.In addition, the rubber ring fixed on the socks also needs to be replaced frequently, because long -term use can cause the rubber to aging and lose the original elasticity.

7. How to clean the hanging strap

The cleaning of the hanging strap is very simple, usually washing or putting in the washing machine with hand.However, it is necessary to avoid using a dryer when cleaning, because high temperature can deform the material and change color.

8. Matching of a hanging strap

The matching of hanging strap is very important.Under normal circumstances, hanging straps with sexy stockings or lace stockings are the best choices.For some formal occasions, you can choose a high -end dress or an elegant evening dress with a strap, which not only reflects the elegant style, but also does not lose sexy charm.

9. The matching skills of hanging socks and high heels

The combination of hanging strap and high heels is very skillful.Under normal circumstances, you should choose a hanging strap with similar or the same color as the socks and shoes, so that the shape is smoother.At the same time, in order to improve the effect of the entire dressing, it is recommended to choose high heels, so as to better lengthen the leg lines and increase sexuality and charm.

10. Conclusion

In general, as an important accessories for sexy underwear, hanging strap can not only play a role in fixed socks, but also enhance the sexy and charm of the wearer.When matching, pay attention to the choice of materials and styles, as well as the perfect combination of strap and high heels.Whether it is a formal occasion or a private moment, the hanging strap is a detail decoration, making your dress more perfect.

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