The process of sexy underwear for love

The process of sexy underwear for love

The sexy underwear in sex life between partners is a very interesting and exciting aspect.Interest underwear can not only increase the pleasure of the senses, but also allow people to have different sexual experiences.In this article, we will show the process of love underwear for love, so that you can feel excitement and fun.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

Interest underwear is divided into many types, some are suitable for visual effects, and some are more practical, such as mouth masks.When choosing sexy underwear, you should choose according to your preferences of your own and your partner. Do not blindly pursue the trend, popularity, or just look at the practicality.

2. Put on sexy underwear

When you choose a fun underwear, you may or let your partner help you put it on it.When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to operate carefully, not just to maintain the effect, but also to convey your enthusiasm and confidence in this sexual experience.

3. Experience different feelings

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can first feel the different feelings brought by this kind of clothing, whether it is comfortable, light and soft; it feels sexy, irritating and tight.This also helps enter the state of sex and enhance your experience and pleasure.

4. Appreciate the effect of matching

Most sexy lingerie is worn with wearing, such as stockings, gloves, high heels, etc.Partners can appreciate the effects brought by each other with sex underwear, increase sexual interest, and keep beauty.

5. Try different postures

Sex underwear will bring more fun in sex.This is because it allows you to try a variety of different physical postures, from the normal 69, rear -entry, inverted flying eagle style, etc., to the SM tuning and shame that a few people tried to make sexual life even moreColorful.

6. Non -oral or anal sex

Interest underwear is not only suitable for oral sex or anal sex, it can also add fun to normal reproductive organs.For example, some sexy underwear will make the chest feel more sensitive. Some lace underwear will make the human body’s senses the most intuitive, making people maximize sexual desire from the body.

7. Sexual life control

The appearance of sexy underwear can provide more control during sex.In this process, you can choose a more comfortable, relaxed or more interesting state, so that you can better control your body and situation and let you and your partner experience a more refreshing sex life.

8. Adjust speed and rhythm

The emergence of sexy underwear can also provide better adjustments. You can choose your favorite speed and rhythm, and establish a closer connection in different states, so as to make sex life more lasting and pleasant.

9. Exchange more

Of course, sexy underwear is the most comfortable process in sex, but it also needs to communicate with each other. Especially when trying novel postures and toys, it is necessary to do emotional care with each other and effectively associate the discomfort and defects of the technical implementation in order to make each of each of them.The species experience was successfully completed.

10. Feel the boundless pleasure

Finally, after experiencing the stimulus brought by the fun underwear, you can feel an extreme pleasure. This is an unforgettable experience, and it is also one of the experiences that each of us yearn for.

in conclusion:

Through the above -mentioned 8 to 10 discussions, we can see that the role that sexy underwear can play in sex life is quite a lot, provided that in the process of choosing sexy underwear, we must consider the preferences of ourselves and partners more in the processAnd practicality, maintain a comfortable state, and communicate with each other to create more beautiful sexual experiences.

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