The old bra changes the fun underwear

Old bra, new scene

Your old bra should not lie in your underwent closet anymore, you can transform it into a sexy sexy underwear.In this way, you can have a sexy mood. When you need it, take it out of the underwent closet at any time.In this article, we will learn how to transform the old bra into a sexy sexy underwear.

Material selection

First, you need to prepare some materials, such as yarn, ultra -thin elastic network.In this case, it is best to choose a soft yarn, which will provide you with more comfort.The ultra -thin elastic network is recommended to use the light -colored light color system, so that it will not reveal your clothes.

Step 1: Adjust the size of the old bra

First of all, all you need to do is adjust the size of the old bra.If you want your sexy underwear to be more comfortable, you can cut the old bra with scissors to the same shape as you need.In this way, you can get better results.

Step 2: Use the eye

Next, you will need to cover the old bra with the mesh.First of all, you can put the eye on the outside of the old bra, and then sew it into the old bra.Of course, you can choose according to your needs, and the network eye can be slight or obvious.

Step 3: Use yarn to make accessories

Next, you can use yarn to make some small accessories, such as lace lace or other decorative supplies.You can sewn different patterns or textures with yarn to make the sexy underwear look more sexy.

Step 4: Add details

In this step, you can add some details, such as the details can be lace or other decoration.You can put these details in front of or behind the sexy underwear, or design on the side and back of the underwear.

Step 5: Adjust the shape of the shoulder strap

You can adjust the shape of the shoulder strap.If you want a sexy sexy underwear, you can use lace or other materials to enhance the visual effect of the shoulder strap.You can also adjust the shoulder strap into a thinner shape to make the sexy underwear more attractive.

Step 6: Add thin velvet cloth

Next, you can add some thin velvet cloth to enhance the visual effects of underwear.In this way, sexy underwear looks more charm.You can use a thin velvet covering some part of the cup, or add some coverage area to the side and back of the underwear.

Step 7: Improve the details

You can use some details to increase the charm of underwear.For example, you can use a bow or bead.These details will not only have a wonderful visual effect, but also make your sexy underwear more attractive.

Step 8: Organize it

After you complete all the design, all you need to do is to arrange all parts neatly together.Check all the details to ensure that they look coordinated in the entire sexy underwear.After completion, you will now have a sexy old bra to transform sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Through this article, we understand how to use the old bra to make sexy sexy underwear.We use soft yarn, ultra -thin mesh and some decorative materials to create these underwear.We also provide suggestions for the details of underwear and increase materials.We hope that these methods are very helpful for your old bra to transform sexy underwear.Now, just need to do it, you can have your own unique attractive underwear.

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