The name of the shop selling sexy underwear


Interest underwear is no longer a clothing that belongs to only special occasions, and now it has become a fashionable lifestyle.More and more women have begun to buy and wear sexy underwear, and more and more merchants have joined the market.How to stand out in this fiercely competitive market?A good store name may bring you unexpected help.

Brand Positioning

When naming the sexy underwear store, it is recommended to take the brand characteristics according to the characteristics of the brand. It is recommended to take the brand’s characteristics to facilitate consumer memory.Brand positioning can be divided into four categories: sweet, sexy, intellectual, and playful.


Sweet -style names generally use cute shapes and gentle languages, such as Fairy Fairy, Love Xiaomei, Peach Fairy, etc.This type of store name is generally positioned as young and shy female consumers.


Sexy style names generally use bold shapes and bold language, such as sexy lingerie and temptation.This type of store name is generally positioned in young and mature women consumers with a certain economic strength.


The name of intellectual style generally use elegant shapes and elegant languages, such as Wanman, Youyou Lotus, and X intersection.This type of store name is generally positioned at female consumers with high cultural level and mature and stable.


The play style names generally use witty and funny shapes and interesting languages, such as naughty, poisonous tongue, and mushroom houses.This type of store name is generally positioned in fashionable, self -intensive, and personalized female consumers.

Regional Features

When selecting the name of the sexy underwear shop, you can also consider regional characteristics. For example, in the place of rich culture, history, and fame, you can add the name of the store and integrate the local elements in decoration and operation.For example, in the name of an ancient city, antique furniture is placed in the store.


With the development of the times, the Internet has become the mainstream of all walks of life.Interest underwear is no longer limited to physical stores, and online sales have become mainstream.At this time, the name of the store is even more important, because the name of the store must not only be easy to remember, but also easy to search.When naming online stores, it is mainly based on good taste.Such as Taobao, and other websites.

Reasonable selection

The name of the sex underwear store must be standardized and reasonable. Before the name, you can query the trademark database to avoid infringing the right to the trademark of others. You should also take into account the development prospect of the group.

Mode of operation

The name and business method of sexy underwear should be adapted, actively broaden the sales channels, integrate with other application scenarios, and expand market coverage, such as cooperation with wedding companies, parties, cosmetics companies, etc.

service quality

The name of the sexy underwear store is good -looking, but the service quality is not guaranteed, and there will be no customers recommend it to others, or continue to patronize.In addition to good store names, high -quality services are also very important, such as working hard on services, training professionals, etc., so as to become a high -quality shop that customers have passed on.


Although the name of the sex underwear shop is very headache, as long as you pay attention to some details, according to the specifications, regional characteristics, business methods, service quality and other aspects, coupledCustomer resources.

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