The most famous sexy underwear

The most famous sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special clothing that has become popular in the 1950s. The colors, styles, and materials are very special, which can better reflect the sexy and charm of women.Over time, a variety of sexy lingerie styles and brands are endless. What are the most famous sexy underwear?This article will introduce this.

1. Victoria’s Secret

This brand is one of the most famous sexy underwear brands in the world. The headquarters is located in the United States. Since its launch, it has received various reasons for its global charm women because of its high -end, sexy, avant -garde and exquisite design, and their own fashion shows.Everyone’s love.


AUBADE is a brand that strives to make women wonderful. This brand has historical and tradition. Since 1958, it has been committed to creating delicate sexy underwear, especially New York, Paris, etc. have been widely welcomed by brands.

3. La Perla (La Perla)

This is an Italian brand that focuses on creating high -end and exquisite sexy underwear, the main sexy style and details.Lishabella is one of the representatives of high -end underwear brands. Its design style, rich colors, and excellent quality.

4. Duches

Duches is a sexy underwear brand that develops towards a noble and fashionable direction. The avant -garde design and exquisite manufacturing process have been quickly recognized by the market. The beauty, fashion, innovation, and high quality are always pursuing the Duchess brand.

5. Triumph (Triumph)

Sanwen cabinet is a brand with a history of 150 years, and its design and production technology are excellent.It is a very influential brand in the underwear industry.

6. Les Queues de Sardines

Lace Kay is a brand that attaches great importance to details. Each sex underwear has been carefully designed with a strong sense of art.Because of its unique style and skills, it is liked by many fashion enthusiasts.

7. Eve Lingerie

Evili is a creative brand. Each erotic underwear has a strong sense of visual impact. The design of this brand attaches importance to lines and geometric shapes, creating a very fashionable atmosphere.

8. Natori

Naiti is a brand derived from Japan with unique styles. It is known for details, materials and design. It is known for its unique artistic lingerie.

9. FRUITS of the LOOM

Fedti is a brand from the United States. It has its own R & D team. The unique design is welcomed by the European and American markets.

10. Brunei royal queen underwear (yvette)

The Brunei royal queen underwear is a brand launched by the Queen of Brunei. It is unique to oriental style and diverse styles, suitable for women of different ages.


The above 10 brands only represent a small part of the sexy underwear industry. The changes and innovation of this industry are very fast.It can be said that when you choose to buy sex underwear, you have to choose not only the brand or style, but the one that suits you best, which can make you feel a brand that can feel confident and beautiful.

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