The man bought a sexy underwear to the woman

Choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriend

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear as a gift is a way to express love to his girlfriend.But if the sexy underwear purchased is not suitable or does not meet the taste of his girlfriend, it will make his girlfriend feel embarrassed or disappointed.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.Here are some matters that need attention when buying sexy underwear.

Know your girlfriend’s size and preference

First, you need to ensure that you know your girlfriend’s size and preference.The ideal way is to let your girlfriend tell you by himself, but if you want to be surprised, you need to investigate secretly.You can find the underwear she often wear from the girlfriend’s wardrobe or storage box, and understand the size and style from the label.In addition, you can also ask if she has seen her favorite sexy underwear or her favorite color, material, etc. recently, so that she can choose better.

Consider your girlfriend’s body shape

In addition to the size, you also need to consider your girlfriend’s body.Girls of different body types will have different comfort and wear effects.For example, a thin suspender -type sexy underwear is suitable for girls with suitable chest size and well -sized.And more full girls may be more suitable for choosing sexy underwear with enhanced effects, increasing the three -dimensional and texture of the chest.

Choose the right color and style

There are many different colors and styles in sex underwear, including red, black, white, purple, lace, mesh, etc.Selecting color and style correctly allows girlfriends to show their sexy and charm better.Generally speaking, black sexy underwear is more mature and charming, and white and pink sexy underwear is more fresh and cute.For some timid or conservative girls, it may be better to choose a more conservative style and color.

Understand the characteristics of fabrics and styles

Different fabrics and styles will bring different feelings and effects to their girlfriends.For example, the sexy underwear of lace fabrics is more soft and delicate, and the sexy underwear of the mesh fabric shows a sexy and bold side.In addition, there are many changes in styles, such as T -shaped pants and G string pants.You need to understand which style and characteristics of your girlfriend like in order to choose the appropriate sexy underwear.

Buy high -quality sexy underwear

High -quality erotic underwear will make girlfriends feel more comfortable and confident, and can maintain sexy and beautiful for a long time.Therefore, it is important to buy high -quality sexy underwear.You can choose some well -known brands or regular channels to ensure quality and safety.

Check the quality and size of the underwear before purchasing

Before buying sexy underwear, it is best to check the quality and size of the underwear.If the size of the underwear is not right or the quality is not good, it will affect the health and comfort of his girlfriend.Therefore, we must carefully check the details and quality of the underwear.

Choose suitable occasions

Some sexy underwear is not suitable for all occasions.For example, some very explicit or perspective sexy underwear is only suitable for wearing in private places, not suitable for displaying in public.Therefore, you need to choose sexy underwear according to your girlfriend’s personal preferences and occasions to ensure that your girlfriend can wear more comfortably and confidently.

Time and space for girlfriend to choose freely

Even if you have purchased a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends, you have to give your girlfriend a certain time and space for your girlfriend.You can let your girlfriend observe and decide the time and occasions of wearing a sexy underwear to avoid embarrassment and discomfort.

Gifts with sincere blessings

Finally, sending sexy underwear is not only a material gift, but also a sincere blessing.When giving gifts, add a greeting card full of sincerity to let your girlfriend feel your love and care. This is the most important.

in conclusion

Men choose to send sexy underwear as a gift for girlfriends as a way to express love.In the process of choosing sexy underwear, men need to consider the girlfriend’s size, body shape, favorite color and style, fabric and quality.In the end, gifts need to be matched with sincere blessings and care, so as to better express love.

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