The first time I put on a sexy sheet

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear refers to the specially designed clothing that is used for emotional, sex and other scenes.They are usually more sexy, special or more attractive than ordinary underwear.The sexy underwear market is very broad, with a variety of styles, including but not limited to bras, underwear, jackets, suspenders, stockings, and so on.How to choose and how to wear sexy underwear to achieve the best results?Next is some small suggestions.

How to choose sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, the most critical factor is confidence and comfort.Choose a soft and comfortable underwear in the fabric to feel comfortable while sexy.In addition, you should also consider your figure and body shape and choose the style that suits you.If it is just trying to wear sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a style that is simple and clear, not too difficult to wear or requires special skills.For example, simple bras and underwear can start with these basic styles and gradually try more complicated styles.

How to choose underwear

Underwear is one of the most common styles in sexy underwear.When choosing underwear, you can consider multiple elements.For those who like to play with sexy, some sexy underwear is a good choice.If you are wearing underwear under a formal occasion, there are some high -waisted and better styles worthy of a try.In addition, there are T -shaped underwear, thongs, etc., which have their own unique characteristics. It is important to choose a style you like.

How to choose the bra

D branches are another common style of sexy underwear.When choosing the bra, you should consider your own chest shape, and choose the right cup and whether you need to band your support as needed.Some people like simple deep V -neck bra, while others like to have a complicated design style.You can wear the best feeling through these details.

How to choose a jacket

Conjunction is a relatively more complicated sexy lingerie style, which is composed of two parts.When choosing, the key is to ensure that the overall design of the entire jacket conforms to its own shape, and pay attention to details, such as the width of the shoulders, whether the sleeves are suitable, and so on.For people who do not wear a coat, it is recommended to choose some styles with simple and loose styles, so that you can find your own feelings more easily when you wear it.

How to choose a suspender skirt

The suspender skirt is a common style in women’s erotic underwear, which is usually composed of two parts: suspender and skirt.When choosing a suspender skirt, you need to pay attention to your body size. It is best to choose a suspender skirt that matches your figure.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to color, fabric, design and other elements.These are very important details that can affect the overall effect of underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear requires some skills, especially for some more complicated styles. It is recommended to read the instructions first or know how to wear in a professional store.In addition, using some auxiliary tools, such as mirrors, buckles, etc., can help you wear sexy underwear faster.

How to match sexy underwear

Interest underwear can not only wear bare body, but also wear it with other clothing.For example, a transparent tulle’s outer pump and a lace -edged shorts are all good choices for sexy underwear with clothes.However, in the process of matching, you also need to pay attention to the overall color matching, coordination of style, and so on, so that you will not make you look too much.

Mental decision to wear effect

Finally, remind you: The overall effect of sexy underwear does not depend on style, color or craftsmanship, but on your mentality and confidence.Choose a underwear that suits you to cultivate your self -confidence and sexy, and wear a sexy underwear vividly!

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