The earliest Paris sex lingerie show

Starting from the origin of Paris

Paris is the center of the global fashion industry. Whether it is clothes, shoes, accessories or sex underwear, Paris can always lead the trend.The earliest Paris sex lingerie show opened in the 1950s, which marked a revolution in the fashion industry.

In 1956, the early sexy underwear show appeared

In the spring of 1956, Paris held an unprecedented underwear exhibition at that time. This exhibition attracted many underwear designers, manufacturers and fashion models.At this exhibition, underwear designers and manufacturers show a series of sexy underwear to the public for the first time, which is a major change in the fashion industry.

The concept of sexy underwear is born

In the 1960s, sex underwear became a fashion concept and expanded the market segment.Since then, the design and manufacturing of sexy underwear have entered a new stage.

From the underwear show to Fashion Week, the market change of sexy underwear

Over time, sexy underwear is no longer just displayed in underwear exhibitions, but has begun to appear in fashion weeks, media reports and advertisements, becoming an important element that leads the fashion trend.At the same time, sexy underwear is no longer just a simple black lace mesh, but more gorgeous colors and innovative styles have appeared.

Worldwide influence

The influence of the Paris Foch Underwear Show is not just in France, but global.Now, the value of the international underwear consumer market is tens of billions of dollars, and the market share of sexy underwear has also expanded year by year.

Design change of sexy underwear

With the change of style and aesthetics, the design of sexy underwear has changed from the original simple black style to a more diversified style.Today, sexy underwear is not limited to simple black lace. Designers have created more scientific and technological fabrics such as feathers, mesh and metal materials.

Sexy underwear style genre

For sexy underwear, there is no standard style genre, and each brand and designer have their own ideas and styles.From sweet and cute to sexy, from comfort and practical to high -end luxury, the sexy underwear market provides a variety of choices.

Breakthrough design and the use of technology elements

The design of sexy underwear has been full of innovation from the beginning.Designers of modern sex lingerie not only pay attention to functionality, but also pay attention to the application of aesthetics and technological elements.As a result, the technical level and design concept of sexy underwear have continued to break through in the market.

Interesting underwear symbolizing women’s power

As one of the hottest products in the sex underwear market, corset symbolizes women’s strength and independence.There are many types of corset in sexy underwear, with both models and beauty, and also pay attention to the auxiliary functions.


With the development of globalization and technology, the sexy underwear market has continued to expand and innovate.The market and design form of sexy underwear are also more colorful, attracting consumers and designers from different cultures and backgrounds.We believe that the market prospects of sexy underwear will be better.

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