Tell your wife to feel erotic underwear

I bought sexy underwear, my wife was angry

I recently bought some sexy underwear on the Internet and wanted to surprise my wife.But when I received these underwear and showed it to my wife, her expression became very unhappy.

Understand the wife’s feelings

I didn’t understand my wife’s feelings. I mistakenly thought that sexy underwear was surprised by her, but did not consider her thoughts.This made me realize that in order to make our relationship more stable, we need to maintain effective communication.

Re -examine the meaning of sexy underwear

In the communication with my wife, I found that I misunderstood the meaning of sexy underwear.Interesting underwear is not only for sensational or exciting, but more importantly, it can inspire women’s confidence and aesthetics, and increase interaction and happiness between husband and wife.

Know your wife’s point of view

I started asking my wife’s point of view and hearing why she felt angry.She, like me, also has her own beliefs and values, and I need to better understand her thoughts.

Consider your wife’s preference

Wife’s preference is very important.I need to know what style of sexy underwear she likes, so that I can meet her needs, not to buy a good style that I feel good -looking.

Respect your wife’s choice

I shouldn’t impose my choice to my wife.Respecting her wife’s choice, so that she has the right to choose the sexy underwear she likes, so that she will be more comfortable and natural, and it can also increase the interaction between husband and wife.

Choose love underwear with your wife

I need to go shopping with my wife and help her choose her favorite sexy underwear.In this way, we can enjoy the selection and selection process together, and also make our wife more willing to wear sexy underwear.

Interest underwear is just adding fun between husband and wife

I need to be clear that sexy lingerie is just one of the fun between husband and wife, not a tool for sexual stimulation.It is important to understand this because it can help us understand its role and value.

Try new things

We should try new things, including sexy underwear.This not only makes our lives more interesting, but also makes us more open and confident.

in conclusion

Sex underwear should be used as a means of adding fun and interaction between husband and wife, not a tool for pursuing sexual stimuli.We should respect each other’s choices, maintain effective communication, choose a sexy underwear that suits us, and enjoy more fun and happiness in life.

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