Taobao sex underwear model ancient times

Taobao sex underwear model ancient times

With the development of the Internet, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.In Taobao’s product display, a model wearing sexy and beautiful sexy underwear often impressed people.Today, let’s take a look at the ancient history and status quo of these sexy underwear models.

Ancient sexy underwear model appeared

In fact, there are also interesting underwear in ancient culture.For example, in the Tang Dynasty, the flower and bird pattern drawn on the silk was discovered when the clothes were changed on the bed. This was a sexy underwear called the "embroidered spring knife" in ancient China.

The birth of sexy underwear model

With the development of major e -commerce platforms, sexy underwear is no longer the patent of small shops at the door, but has entered the lives of more people.In order to allow consumers to better understand the product, the e -commerce platform uses models to show the product’s wear effect.At this time, sexy underwear models came into being.

Questions of sexy underwear models

When choosing a sexy underwear model, the first condition is that the figure must have a perfect curve.In addition, it is also necessary to have conditions such as sexy, temperament, good skin tone, and facial characteristics.

Recruitment channels for sexy underwear models

When selecting sexy underwear models, e -commerce platforms usually initiate recruitment on major model websites or social media, and will also strictly select and assess applicants.The recruited sexy underwear models also have to be trained to learn posture and show sexy skills.

Sexy underwear model playing

The sexy underwear model is different from ordinary models. In addition to being able to put on underwear, they also need to correctly interpret the characteristics of the product and shape the product image.At this point, the fun underwear model has higher performance requirements.

Vocational risk of sexy underwear model

The risk of sexy underwear models is relatively high.Putting on a sexy underwear, "naked" itself is a highly exposed and challenging experience.And some sexy underwear requires models to do some difficult movements, such as challenging the three -point three -point.Wearing such underwear demonstrations must also bear high risks.

The future of sexy underwear model

In the future, the professional needs of sexy underwear models may be higher.On the other hand, with the gradual opening of society and the increase in market demand, sexy underwear models will become more and more frequent customers in the show, and may even be regarded as an artistic expression.


In addition to the enviable "beauty and sexy" work, the work of sexy underwear models is actually very challenging in practice.With the development of society, sexy underwear models will also show their charm in a larger scale, let people understand more about sexy underwear, and make consumers’ shopping experience more perfect.

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