Taobao sex underwear god comment


The sexy underwear on Taobao has always been sought after by female friends, and the comments have attracted the attention of many people.Today, here, let’s take a look at the magical erotic underwear comments on Taobao.

The first sexy underwear: Butterfly knot hollow outline underwear

This bowl of fun underwear is the dream in the minds of many little fairy!Enter the comment area and see a enthusiastic girl said, "This bow can be removed, and then you can tie it to your hair, and you can tie it to your chest.Better, not only reflects the accurate sex size on Taobao, but also makes the little bow has more gameplay.

Second sex underwear: sexy lace hollowing dumb underwear

The design of this lace -lace -loving underwear is very delicate, without sexy atmosphere, but there is no lack of literary style.A girl commented: "Many men may like half naked visual effects, but those who really understand women must not be like this. This underwear details are very good. The sponge inside is very thin, can modify the chest shape, and bring this thinness, and bring this thinnessGo out of the underwear, just put a thin coat, and some bead chains with hooks. At this time, the aesthetic feeling simply wants to never think of it. "

Third sex underwear: Gathering no trace underwear

The shape of this gathered underwear is very simple, but it should be noted that the accuracy of the size is.A sister commented: "The most afraid of the size before buying is the size problem, but the size of this underwear is accurate, and the size is measured according to the icon on the website.It seems that the problem of size is really important!

The fourth sex lingerie: revealing sexy underwear

Is it very sexy?However, some girls were worried about drooping and entered the comment area and found that a good sister shared her experience: "Many sisters will worry about their backs caused by ordinary underwear and cosmetics, but the back of this underwear is relatively soft on the back of this underwear.The fabric, with a little elasticity, can effectively modify the figure, and it is not easy to have red acne. "

Fifth Funny underwear: Multi -functional erotic bodies underwear

This erotic underwear is a artifact. It is noble, and at the same time, it can also modify the shape of the figure.A girl commented: "This underwear is particularly suitable for thin girls. My back was scalded by hot water many years ago, so there are some unevenness, the underwear is very high, and it can effectively modify the perfect figure.line."

Sixth Fun underwear: French lace sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is made of French lace. The appearance is very soft. Seeing a sisters of food in a message: "It’s so soft, it feels like a big comfortable clothes, and I don’t want to take it off."

Seventh, sexy underwear: Advanced gathered breast underwear

This erotic underwear has a simple appearance, beautiful lines, and a good gathering effect.Another girl said: "My chest shape is relatively flat. I feel that the chest is drumming when wearing this underwear. I can wear clothes better, especially V -neck pants, which is particularly fashionable."

Eighth sex underwear: chest sticker -style shoulder strap underwear

This underwear is different from the traditional joint shoulder strap. It uses chest -sticker design, which is not only bold and sexy, but also very comfortable to wear, and it will not fall.A fan commented: "For the little fairy with flat chest, this underwear is a sexy artifact. It is really cute and practical.

Nine Fun Underwear: Japanese Sweet Underwear

This sexy underwear uses a Japanese -style sweet style, and at the same time is a bit bold, loved by the little fairy.Seeing a girl commented: "As a wearer, the texture and comfort are great. It is not the kind of uncomfortable pull -up type. It is very comfortable to wear, especially the hem.It doesn’t feel embarrassed. "

Tenth Sat.

This erotic underwear adopts the design of "abdominal body shaping gathers without trace underwear", which looks very easy to use.A underwearist said: "This underwear is particularly powerful. It not only has a good effect of modifying the figure, but also the effect of warmth. It is an essential artifact for winter."


The comment on the sexy underwear on Taobao is very interesting. There are many users’ experiences and opinions in it, which can help more new users choose the underwear that suits them.In short, you must choose to choose a sexy underwear carefully. You must not only pay attention to styles and sexy, but also care about the best -selling situation and other aspects of underwear in order to buy artifacts that are really suitable for you.

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