Taobao sex underwear girl name

Taobao sex underwear girl name

There are many sellers’ sexy underwear on Taobao, which are very attractive in terms of color, design, material and other aspects.However, do you find that these sexy underwear have a common feature that they all have a unique girl name!In this article, we will explore the styles represented by the names of each girl and their charm.

1. 芊 芊

清 表 is a name that represents fresh, natural and evil, so it represents the style of sexy lingerie.These underwear are usually elegant white or light pink, as well as soft lace and cotton materials, which aims to show people’s softness and tenderness to people.

2. Lin Lin

The name "Linlin" represents gorgeous and elegant.In terms of sexy underwear, Lin Lin’s style is usually unique, elegant, soft and pointed, and very sexy and elegant.

3. Nana

Nana represents sweetness, and this sexy underwear is a perfect combination of sweet and sexy.These underwear usually uses sweet elements such as pink and pink, lace and bow, which can make women feel extremely soft and romantic.

4. Qinqin

Qinqin’s name represents refreshing.This sexy lingerie style is like a refreshing air. It is based on light blue and green. At the same time, it uses patterns such as roses and bow to live elegance.

5. Quiet

Quiet is a name that represents peace and beauty.The design of this sexy underwear uses the basic colors such as black and white as a color -adjustment board, and add luxury elements such as lace and champagne gold in the details and the triangle area, and add some rhinestones to increase its charm.

6. Chenchen

Chenchen is a symbol of vitality and hope, and usually brings peace and joy.The design of this sexy underwear adds some lively and refreshing sense, adopting some distinctive and contrasting colors, such as red and black combinations, and short -sleeved or semi -shirt -style tops.

7. Dream

The name of Mengmeng represents dreams and freedom.This kind of sexy underwear often uses lilac -gray tones and bright stimulating flowers and lace as the main elements, shaping a dream, ethereal and shocking image for women.

8. Meimei

Meimei represents the perfection and excellence in appearance and quality.The design of this erotic underwear emphasizes the body and "sexy". It is usually a tight, shoulder -length, and front -bucking style. It uses high -quality materials, such as bright light and leather.

9. Kiki

Kiki is the name of a girl with nobles.The design of this sexy underwear is usually complex, luxurious and unusual. It is mainly color such as black, gold, silver, etc., and is very popular with some "high -end" places such as top hotels or clubs.

10. Mu Mu

Mu Mu represents Mu Ming. This kind of sexy lingerie style is usually ancient, retro, colorful, and full of personality.It is a representative of a series of trendy and trendy underwear with different styles and representatives above dreams.

(Conclusion) Overall, the name of the girls in sex underwear conveys a lot of meaning and symbols, which are the souls and souls of these sexy underwear.We can see consumers’ aesthetic vision and preferences through the differences between these names and sexy lingerie styles.When using a unique name to describe a sexy underwear design, it is actually conveying a unique style.I hope this article will inspire you.

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