Talking about sex underwear

Talking about sex underwear

Talking about sex underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that shows women. Wearing it, not only has it confidently doubled, but also sexy, it is unbearable.What’s more, sexy underwear has also become a kind of conveying tool because of its unique nature, especially for those who like their wives.So, how can we talk to the sexy underwear wife?Next, this article will be introduced from several aspects.

1. Understand the type and style of love underwear

The types and styles of sexy underwear are very diverse. Different design styles and fabrics allow women to present different sexy styles, such as lace, transparent, silk, and so on.If we want to successfully talk about a sexy underwear wife, we must first understand the types and styles of sexy underwear. If you do n’t know about this aspect, then even if you speak niceinterest.

2. Words that play a guiding role

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When chatting with the wife of sexy underwear, not only must he be enthusiastic and confident, but also to try to guide the topic, so that your favorite objects will be unconsciously caught in an illusion of extramarital affairs.For example, it can be said: "The weather is so hot, is it very comfortable to wear a sexy underwear?", "I have a female friend who is a sexy underwear fan, she will bring some of them every time."Yu establishes sexual interests with each other and interested in each other.

3. Don’t be too straightforward

In the process of chatting with the wife of the lingerie, it is necessary to pay attention to expressing your own mind, but don’t be too straightforward.If you directly ask each other’s QQ number or other contact information, it will be tantamount to exposing all your identity to the sun, which will cause the other party’s resentment and alert.Therefore, when chatting with the other party, you can try to deepen each other’s feelings, slow down the rhythm, wait for the time to mature and talk about contact information.

4. Details

In the process of communicating with the sexy underwear wife, we must pay attention to the details. For example, for those who want the sexy underwear they like, you can focus on their appearance, temperament and shopping way. To make the other party feel that this is a person who really knows herIt’s just a general man.

5. Pay attention to your own image

Not only should you pay attention to the other person’s image, you must also pay attention to your own image. Do not leave a bad impression on the other party. It may be improper clothes or not words.For example, do not ask each other’s age and marriage status, do not speak to each other’s chest or hips.

6. Sincere first

The secret to the success of the success is not a hypocritical appearance but sincerity.You must make the sexy underwear feel that you are a enthusiastic and friendly person, not a lascivious person.In addition, if you want to talk about your wife’s underwear wife, you will also show your respect for her life and work. To give her affirmation in the praise at the right time, this is the key to gaining her trust.


7. Leave the real contact information

If everything goes smoothly and the conversation is successful, then when talking about contact information, it is necessary to leave real contact information, which is very important.If it is a fake convey, you can only end up in the end, and if you get the satisfaction and trust of the other party in real life, then just wait for the good sound.

8. Don’t control the other party

In the process of chatting, do not try to control the other party’s thoughts or attitudes, otherwise it is difficult to build a mutual trust and communication relationship in real communication, and may even go to the way to break up.Wife of sexy underwear usually want men to become their own reliance, not the instructors of life.


It is not easy to successfully talk about the favorable and favorability and trust of their favorable underwear. It takes a lot of energy, time, and patience.In addition, treat each other as a woman to deal with, understand each other’s ideas and attitudes, and show sincerity and sincerity. This not only allows the sexy underwear to vote for you with friendship, but also helps you build a true meaningIn -depth exchanges and relationships.