Why is the subordinate wearing a sexy underwear a problem?

As a leader, you need to ensure that the image of the employee is fully reflected.However, wearing erotic underwear in the workplace may cause discomfort and troubles of other employees and affect their working status.Therefore, wearing sex underwear has become a problem.

The impact of sexy underwear on employees’ image and work

Although sexy underwear may make employees feel more confident, sexy and attractive, in the workplace, this clothing will affect the image, professional quality of employees, and even shake the leaders’ confidence.In addition, sexy underwear can also cause discomfort from other employees, making them feel unwilling and despised.

How to prohibit employees from wearing fun underwear in the workplace

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The management team needs to take some measures to clearly indicate that this clothing is not accepted in the working environment.This is not different from the general dress requirements, such as wearing slippers or sneakers.It is a good start to establish a rule to prohibit wearing sexy underwear in the workplace. The company can mention this rule in the training of new employees.

How to deal with illegal employees

If employees violate this regulation, the processing method can be determined according to the company’s system.Under normal circumstances, employees can be verbally warned or issued a formal warning letter.If the circumstances are serious, it can be lifted under the company’s prescribed procedures.

How to balance personal freedom and company regulations

Between the personal freedom of employees and the company’s regulations, the management team needs to consider various factors such as personal selection, company image construction, and good atmosphere of workplace.Even if employees choose to be respected, the company’s management also needs to express respect for regulations and industry norms.These goals need to be achieved using mild and controllable methods.

The use of sexy underwear in private places

In fact, the use of sexy underwear in private places is legal and usually popular.For example, in some gatherings of friendship, wearing sexy clothes and sexy underwear can enhance the party atmosphere and entertainment effects.However, in the company, sexy underwear is not applicable.

Employees wearing erotic underwear on the company’s image on the company’s image

Even if employees wear sexy underwear outside the workplace, this will also have a adverse effect on the company’s image.Ensuring that the image of employees is fully reflected and respected is the requirements of a company’s basic quality.


How to train employees to dress correctly

Leaders can train employees and teach them the correct dressing methods. At the same time, they also describe them in what occasions and occasions are not suitable for them.In this way, reduce the possibility of errors that employees make mistakes on sexy underwear.

How does the company express expectations to employees

The company should express expectations to employees through internal training, publicity and policy changes.Adding a clear rule to the company’s personnel manual is a good start.The company should also find a mild and effective method to convey the company’s expectations to employees.

in conclusion

Interest underwear can easily cause troubles in the workplace, so it is necessary to prohibit employees from wearing fun underwear in the workplace.Of course, in private places, this clothing can be accepted and welcomed.This problem is eliminated by effective training, propaganda, and rules and regulations, while maintaining the balance of employees and corporate image.