Stranging socks, sexy underwear to bed

Stranging socks, sexy underwear to bed

Stranging socks, sexy underwear to bed

You may already have sexy underwear and hanging stockings, but combine them, do you really know how to show your charm in bed?Let’s discuss how to wear a suspender socks to get to bed, making ourselves more feminine.

Why choose a suspender socks and sexy underwear?

First of all, suspending socks are a very sexy costume that can add women’s charm to you.Hanging stockings can show your beautiful legs well, and sexy underwear can emphasize your body advantages. The combination of the two can create a more sexy atmosphere.

Choose the right hanging straps and sexy underwear

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Before choosing a suspender socks, you need to consider your own body.You need to choose underwear suitable for your body and skin color.For example, if your skin is yellowish, you should give priority to choosing light -colored sexy underwear instead of dark colors.In addition, you need to consider the length and color of the hanging sticks, and choose a style that suits your height and skin color.In addition, you also need to consider the style of underwear, it is best to choose a style suitable for your figure, so that you can make you more confident.

How to match strap socks and sexy underwear?

You need to consider the style of the entire match when pairing strap socks and sexy underwear.If you want to create an elegant atmosphere, you can choose black hanging sticks and pink sexy underwear. This combination is both full of sexy and a certain artistic atmosphere.Or you can also choose red underwear and red hanging sticks. This combination can emphasize your confidence and charm.

How to wear a suspender socks and sexy underwear to bed

When you are going to bed in a suspender socks, you need to pay special attention to the details in the process of dressing.First of all, you need to ensure the quality of the underwear. If the quality of the underwear is poor, it may affect your sexy temperament.Secondly, you need to accurately confirm the size of the underwear and try to buy close underwear, so as to highlight your body advantage.Finally, you need to pay attention to the combination of texture and patterns, and try to choose similar or the same patterns and textures, so that your mix can be more natural.

Study socks sexy areas of sexy underwear

Wearing suspenders socks, sexy underwear allows you to have a sexy temperament. Hanging sticks can make your legs look more slender. Sexy underwear can highlight your body curve and show your feminine charm in bed.Under this costume, you can reflect your self -confidence and sexy, try to expose this sexy and naturally.

The effect of stress on women in wearing suspenders sock socks

When you put on a suspender socks, you may feel stress and discomfort, but this is completely normal.You just need to adjust your mentality to make yourself more confident, which can reduce a certain pressure.When you put on it in bed, you will find that everyone has their own confidence and charm.

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Care of suspenders socks

Pay attention to hygiene and maintenance in wearing sling socks.You need to choose the correct cleaning method according to the label of the underwear to avoid wearing underwear.You can wash or clean your underwear by hand, but pay attention to the use of neutral cleaning agents to ensure the quality of underwear.Finally, underwear needs to be dried, and it must not be dried with a dryer.

in conclusion

Wearing a suspender socks to get bed in sexy underwear can add self -confidence and charm, but you need to pay attention to the details of the matching.Try to choose the underwear and hanging sticks that are suitable for you, keep the underwear hygiene and maintenance, and reflect your sexy and feminine.