Stockings open stall sex underwear pictures

Stockings open stall sex underwear pictures

Stockings opening sex lingerie overview

Stockings opening and sexy underwear is a special underwear combined with stockings and opening design. It aims to provide more sexy visual and physical feelings.This sexy underwear is usually made of lace, silk, or other soft materials, which can show women’s figure curves and evoke male visual impulses.It is not only suitable for fun places, but also as auxiliary products to maintain daily passion, which is favored by many women.

Different styles of stockings are opened in erotic underwear

There are various styles of stockings in the market, which are very diverse from color to design.The following are several common types:

1. Lace stockings open the stall sex underwear

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This sexy underwear is based on lace, with a layer of stockings.There is a small crotch in the private area area, which can easily realize the rapid entry and exit of sex venues.Unlike ordinary lace underwear, the opening design of the stockings makes it more teasing and makes you feel more novel excitement in sex games.

2. Net -eye stockings open gear sex underwear

In this form of stockings, the erotic underwear is thin and translucent, and often uses a mesh design.It allows the body to exude a sexy atmosphere, and it can also satisfy different preferences in sex, such as SM’s sex games.At the same time, the design of mesh fabric can also improve the breathability of sitting or standing, making it more comfortable to wear.

3. Leather stockings boost sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is unique and often uses leather fabrics.The gorgeous and exposed colors and naked parts make people involuntarily fall into a visual impact.For those who dare to dare to dare to dare to be a place, this underwear will definitely be an indispensable item.

Suitable for wearing stockings to open stalls in sex underwear

Stockings are suitable for wearing in sex places, or they can be used in private places.Here are some of the situations that are suitable for wearing stockings to open up sexy underwear:

1. Sexual parties

Many women are wearing sexy underwear in sexy parties, and stockings in stockings are a good choice.They can meet women’s needs for self -display and sexy feelings, and more tease men’s vision and physical senses.At the same time, in the party, the common characteristics of sexy underwear are also more concerned and favored by people.


2. Private places

If you want to inject more passion for yourself and your partner, the stocking of stockings in stocks is also a good choice.It can make your sexual life change and stimulate, and enhance the pleasure of sensory.It is very simple to use. You only need to gently pull the fabric in the naked area to achieve rapid entry and exit.


When wearing stockings in stockings, there are some matters that need attention:

1. Personal health and hygiene

Make sure the selected underwear materials meet the hygiene and safety requirements.Before wearing, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection to ensure personal hygiene and physical health.

2. Size selection

Inappropriate sexy underwear will not only affect the effect of wearing, but also cause physical discomfort and pain.When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the size table and make sure to choose the underwear that suits you.

3. Dressing time

Stockings can not be worn for a long time, otherwise it will affect personal health.If you must wear it for a long time, it is recommended to use good breathability materials, and pay attention to timely replacement and cleaning.


In general, the stockings of stockings are a very sexy and teasing underwear product.It can enhance the interaction and passion between couples, and enhance the taste and fun of life.Pay attention to personal hygiene and size choices to ensure good health.