Spray water in erotic underwear

Spray water in erotic underwear

Spray water in erotic underwear

Putting on sex underwear can mobilize all the potential in our body and greatly improve our charm.But what should I do if I suddenly feel the strange liquid spit out in my body when wearing a sexy underwear?This article will introduce the causes of this situation in detail and what kind of sexy underwear will happen.

1. Selection of sexy underwear fabrics

Interest underwear fabric is one of the most important considerations when choosing sexy underwear.If the fabric texture is too poor, it will affect people’s comfort.For example, when you wear a simulated silk skirt and walk for a while, your legs will start to feel tight and feel itchy because of too friction.If the sexy lingerie is too breathable, the water evaporating in the skin will cause the spray due to the failure to be fully distributed.Even if you are sweat, you may also spit out.

2. Sex underwear structural defects

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Some erotic underwear that lacks good design may also lead to an output.For example, the lack of breathable holes, lack of moisture absorption and sweating, etc., will lead to increased humidity and heat, thus exacerbating.

3. Quoting underwear is too tight

The impermeable sexy underwear will feel sullen, and too tight sexy underwear will affect human blood circulation and breathing.In this case, sweat in the human body is difficult to emit, and the sweat accumulated in the body surface will "spit" inadvertently.Therefore, choosing a size that suits you is essential.

4. Interesting underwear materials are too sensitive

Some sexy underwear uses too sensitive materials, such as feathers and silk.Although these materials look sexy, they may lead to the production of sensitive skin.

5. Sanitary issues

If you wear the sexy underwear too dirty and not washed for a long time, there will also be an influx phenomenon.In this case, sweat, debris, etc. flow into underwear and cannot be distributed, causing an increase in surge.

6. The bottom equipment is too cumbersome

Some sexy underwear with various ropes, iron rings, hooks and other components, which can affect comfort and cause surge.At this time, you need to pay attention to the details of the underwear. Do not choose too tedious styles.


7. mental stress

When facing the pressure of feelings, life and work, it will cause the body to have a series of tensions and cause us to have some discomfort, such as anxiety and depression.At this point, a lot of sweat will be sprayed unknowingly.

8. When facing physical exercise

When you wear sexy underwear for physical exercise, because the amount of exercise increases, the speed of sweating in the body is accelerated, and suddenly the body is soaked, and there will also be a surge.

In short, there is no need to be too nervous and shame under the surge, and you can find a way to solve the strange situation.For example, replace the more breathable and fit sexy underwear, and relax and exercise your body.But the most important thing is to choose sexy underwear with comfort and quality.