Shuqi Early Sexy Lords Show Set

Shuqi Early Sexy Lords Show Set

Shuqi Early Sexy Lords Show Set

Shu Qi was one of the representatives of sexy underwear models in the early days. Her body was perfect and elegant, and she endorsed countless erotic underwear brands.Her performance is full of passion, confidence, and sexy. Every performance can cause the audience’s passion.Here are some of her classic erotic underwear shows. Welcome to review together.

1. Fashion Cowboy Funny Underwear Show

Shu Qi wore a tight denim vest and ultra -short denim hot pants. The special design in front of the pants showed the intention to the fullest.Her face was charmingly interpreted the passion and sexy of sexy underwear, pushing the stage enthusiasm to a climax.

2. Red color love underwear show

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Red is a kind of passion and enthusiastic color, and Shu Qi uses his perfect figure, a sexy red love lingerie to the extreme.Whether it is a mix of lace and red or a sexy buckle design, people are sighing.

3. Black color sex lingerie show

In recent years, black color sex underwear has gradually become a mainstream color of sexy underwear, and the design that Shu Qi wore is more glorious.The perspective design and the neckline of deep V can be fascinated by her at a glance.

4. Ultra -short sex underwear show

Shu Qi wore a black and short sexy lingerie, revealing slender beautiful legs and sexy collarbone.Although there is only one small underwear, her performance can awaken the desire of countless audiences.

5. Gold Erotic Underwear Show

Gold pornographic underwear is full of aristocratic atmosphere, and Shu Qi put it on it is more elegant and sexy.The exquisite lace and shiny diamonds made her look more outstanding, and her makeup also showed the special sexy of sexy underwear.

6. Bamboo sex underwear show

Shu Qi’s performance is not limited to the traditional sexy underwear design. She wore a green bamboo sexy underwear and showed a unique oriental beauty on the stage.The design of this sexy underwear is relatively bold, and almost all in front of the skirt are transparent lace and skirts.

Thigh High

7. Student sister sexy underwear show

Shu Qi was wearing a white sleeve -free shirt with a teacher’s glasses, and the performance was between sexy and cute.She twisted her body gently, her soft eyes and warm smiles brought a new sexy underwear experience to the audience.

8. Wings Sexy Underwear Show

Shu Qi’s lace sexy underwear decorated with red bows and the perspective wings on the back, showing the feminine beauty and mysterious beauty.She moved lightly on the stage, like petals dancing in the wind.

9. Sexy Ballet Instead Underwear Show

Shu Qi took a loose bun and put on black ballet’s sexy underwear to show her sexy and soft beauty.Her beautiful interpretation and graceful dance will definitely make you hold your breath.

10. Sports erotic underwear show

In the end, Shu Qi moved on the stage to show her health and confidence.She is wearing a green ultra -short underwear. The bright color and sexy design are perfectly combined, making people shine.


Shu Qi’s erotic underwear show is so strange and wonderful. Her performance has undoubtedly pushed the sexy underwear design to a new creative height. Welcome everyone to appreciate and review it year after year.