Should I tell my partner if you buy a sexy underwear?


Sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive female underwear. More and more women are starting to try to wear sexy underwear to increase life interest and sexual interest.However, many women face a question when buying sexy underwear: Should they tell their partners or keep secrets?This is a more sensitive topic, and different people have different views.Let’s talk about whether you should tell your partner if you buy sexy underwear.

Tell your companion what’s good

If you are willing to tell your partner, you buy sexy underwear, there will be the following benefits:

Increase trust: You can confess your thoughts and behaviors to your partner, which can deepen your trust relationship.

Increasing interest: Tell your partner that you bought sexy underwear, which can increase the taste and fun of life.

Increase interaction: You can share your dress with your partner and increase your interaction.

Don’t tell your partner’s risk

If you choose not to tell your partner, the following risks may be generated:

If your partner finds misunderstandings: If your partner unexpectedly finds that you buy sexy underwear, you may misunderstand your behavior and ideas, causing unnecessary suspicion.

Lost trust: If you have always concealed your behavior and ideas, you will gradually lose the trust of your partner and thus damage the relationship.

Opportunity: If you do not tell your partner, you may miss the opportunity to try sex underwear with your partner and lack a common experience.

How to avoid embarrassment when telling your partner

Tell your partner to buy a sexy underwear for a relatively private thing. Some women may be more shy and don’t know how to speak.The following are several small suggestions:

Choose the right timing: Tell your partner, not to choose to quarrel or fatigue, it is best to have a good relationship between two people.

Significant conveying information: You can use hints, humor, humor and other methods to convey this information.

Tolerant to understand the partner’s response: The partner may have different reactions, some will be very supportive, and some will be more disgusted. In any case, they must tolerate understanding the partner’s emotions and ideas.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

If you decide to buy sexy underwear, how do you choose the right style?The following are some small suggestions:

Consider your own body shape: Different body shapes are suitable for different sexy lingerie styles. Choosing a style that suits you can make you easier and confident.

Consider your own personality: Different sexy lingerie styles are suitable for different personalities. Choosing a style that suits you can make you more natural.

Consider quality and price: Interest underwear is a special underwear. Choosing good quality and reasonable price of sexy underwear can ensure your comfort and health.

How to wear sexy underwear is more confident

If you buy sexy underwear, how can we wear it to reflect your charm and self -confidence?The following are some small suggestions:

Relax mentality: Wearing erotic underwear is not a tense thing. Relaxing your mentality can make you more natural.

Demonstration advantages: Fun underwear emphasizes the sexy and charm of the wearer, which can show their own figure advantages.

Maintaining confidence: Wearing erotic underwear not only needs to show the body, but also needs to show mentality. Maintaining confidence and charm can add your charm.

Whether you need to consider your partner’s opinion if you need to buy a sexy underwear

If you have a closer relationship with your partner, do you need to consider your partner’s opinion when buying sexy underwear?The following are some small suggestions:

The idea of listening to your partner: The idea of a partner is also very important. Listening to your partner’s thoughts can promote your communication and enhance your feelings.

There is your own choice: Interesting underwear is a private item, you also have to have your own choice and judgment ability.

Respect the other person’s feelings: If the partner has objections, you must also respect the other party’s feelings, don’t be too required.

How to choose sex underwear with your partner

If you want to choose a sexy underwear with your partner, how do you make this process more smooth and pleasant?The following are some small suggestions:

Choose the right time and place: Choose a time and place that is private enough, relaxed, and comfortable.

Mutual respect: respecting each other’s choices and preferences, don’t be picky.

Enhance communication and interaction: Try to communicate and interact more to increase each other’s understanding and feelings.

in conclusion

Whether you tell your partner if you buy sex underwear, you should decide according to your personal circumstances.If you think you can trust your partner, then tell your partner to increase your feelings; if you don’t feel at ease, you can keep your secret first.However, no matter what you do, you should make the right choice based on your own feelings.

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